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Mediocre Movie/Great Performance


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Here's an interesting idea for a thread. Why don't we discuss here movies that are not particuarly good, but are blessed with great performances? I'll start off with "East of Eden." James Dean's performance is truly remarkable, which only hurts the conventionality of the rest of the cast, and Steinbeck's rather portentous biblical analogies.

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> Holly Hunter and David Straithern in The

> Firm.


> They were so good in that scene at the end of the

> film that I wish the movie had been about the two of

> them.


Agree; but don't forget Gene Hackman, who is brilliant, and makes you completely forget Tom Cruise everytime the story shifts its focus to him.

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Van Heflin in Johnny Eager.


The movie as a whole is OK, but predictable, and not (IMO) up to the level of a lot of the other 40s stuff, but Heflin's performace is great, and his performance was worthy of being immortalized with an Oscar.

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Dude, you rock! I loved that movie. I originally saw it in a theater, not on television.

One of my all time faves...Barbara Hale just picks up what's left with her

dignity and marches on in the mink...Hayes and that twinkle in her

eyes...the dinginess and desperation in Heflin's eyes...the perpetual

hope of Maureen's character as she presses up to the glass and

realizes she can't do anything...Seberg was perfect...Lancaster

typical bragadaccio...

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