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"Rolling Stone" votes for the top ten greatest movies & TV as well


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(*-as usual always indicates an *Oscar winner)


I just got wind of this massive list a couple of days ago & of course I wanted to share it with my fellow "TCM-ITES" So please of course send your comments,etc


All of you fans I'm certain have hard of "Rolling Stone" & not just it's magazine, but it's terrific website too. Well, like just about every other medium, when AFI conducted it huge "100yrs...100 Movies" poll & TV special-(aired June of 1998 on CBS-TV) Strangely though what most didn't even know about, is AFI had a seque of sorts for 2007. "AFI's 100yrs...100 Movies"-"10 Anniversary Edition"-(it wssn't televised this time though) "KANE" topped the list on both.


So, all did their own thing & poll>("BFI", "EW", "Films of the Golden Age," "Hollywood.com' name it)



So below is "RS'"s own top 100-(limited too just it's top ten):-(2016)


1st place *"GFI" (l972)

2. "Vertigo" (l958)(Paramount)

3. "The Searchers" (l956) (WB's)

4. "200l" (l968)

5th place "Citizen Kane" (l94l) (RKO)

6. "Raging Bull" (l980)

7. "Chinatown" (l974)

8. "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" (l948)(WB's)

9. "Blue Velvet" (l986)

& 10th place by "RS" editors, readers "Pulp Fiction" (l940)



"King Kong" (l933)(Selznick/RKO) &

"The Manchurian Candidate (l962)



VS. my own personal DVD time capsule:


1st *"The Godfather (l90l-90) Trilogy"-(non theatrical version)

2, "Kane"

3. "Captains Courageous" (l937) (M-G-M)

4. *"Casablanca" (l943) (Warner Bros.)

5th fav "City Lights" (l93l)(United Artists)

6. "Dumbo" (l94l) (Walt Disney & ONV/RKO Radio)

7. "It's a Wonderful Life" (l946) (RKO)

8. "The Searchers"

9. "Vertigo

& 10th fav. of mine "The Quiet Man" (l952) (Republic)



"Modern Times" (l936) (UA)&

"A Night at the 0pera" (l935) (M-G-M)




(P.S. I know this site is movie oriented, but also check out "Rolling Stone's" top poll on television history?



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