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A companion pc to "Rolling Stone's" fav. films, this on TV History


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Hope fans enjoyed "RS" poll of it's fans, readers & editing team's all-time

candidate's as "The All-Time Greatest Motion Pictures?"-(PLEASE CHECK IT OUT)


Both polls were recently conducted in 2016


& this one is it's votes for the top 100-(though limited to the overall ten on here) Television series/shows & PER USUAL PLEASE GIVEN YOUR OWN 2 or 3 CENTS, PLEASE!!!


"RS" top ten TV shows:


1st place "The Sopranos" (HBO)(l999-2007)

2. "The wire" (2002-08)

3. "Breaking Bad" (AMC) (2008-2013)

4. "Mad Men" (AMC) (2007-2015)

5th place "Seinfeld" (NBC) (l989=2008)

6. "The Simpsons" (Fox) (l989-present)-(NOTE: I could never get into this one & highly prefer "The Family Guy")

7. "The Twilight Zone" (CBS/NBC?) (l959-64)

8. "SNL" (NBC) (l975-present)

9. "All in the Family" (CBS) (l97l-79)

& 10th place in voting "Daily Show With: John Stewart?" (1996-present) &* OVER CARSON???



VS. my own favourite tv series/shows in television history


1st "The Honeymooners-Classic 39" (CBS (l955-56)

2. "The Lost Episodes of The Honeymooners aired of The Jackie Gleason Show" (CBS) (l952-57)

3. "SNL; The First 5 Years only" (NBC) (l975-80)

4. "The Tonight Show: Starring Johnny Carson" (NBC) (l962-92)

5th fav. on my own "The Abbott & Costello Show" (l952-54)-(TRIVIA: Jerry Seinfeld claimed this was his main inspiration for his classic series)

6. "Seinfeld"

7. "Breaking Bad"

8. "The Sopranos"

9. "The Twilight Zone"

& 10th "Curb Your Enthusiam" (HBO) (2000-2008)



"Mary Tyler Moore Show" (NBC) (l970-77)

& "M*A*S*H" (CBS) (l972-83) .

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