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Post a romantic movie photo for Valentine's Day!


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Two British films released in 1945 which I've always found to be not only very romantic, but also witty and less saccharine takes on how people and relationships can change and even flower over time...


VACATION FROM MARRIAGE, starring Robert Donat and Deborah Kerr...





I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING, starring Wendy Hiller and Roger Livesey...



(...yep, those superfluous-u users over there could do this sort'a thing up pretty well sometimes, ya know)   ;)

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Ellie and Carl Fredricksen in 2009's UP.


(...their love story from its beginnings to its fateful end being shown via vignettes at the start of this animated film, well, it just doesn't get any more romantic than this, I'd say)

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Here are some of my favorites:





CASABLANCA.  I can't believe this one hasn't been mentioned yet.  For me, the most romantic part is the flashback scene of Rick and Ilsa's romance in Paris.  Of course, the famous end scene in the airport is also very romantic.





CITY LIGHTS.  The end scene with the dialogue between The Tramp and the Flower Girl is beautiful and sweet.  When The Tramp realizes that the Flower Girl (who is no longer blind) can see him and sees that he's not a millionaire and she's accepting him is very romantic and it makes you so happy for The Tramp.  He spends the entire movie trying to help her and sacrifices a lot in the process and he finally is rewarded for his efforts.  In many of his other films, he knocks himself out for someone and ends up alone at the end.  The ending to this film is perfect.





BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  Yes it's a cartoon but it is so sweet and romantic.  This film shows the power of looking beyond the surface and finding the beautiful soul within.  Am I the only one who prefers The Beast pre-transformation? I'm not diggin' him when he's in his human form.




PICNIC.  I love this movie.  My favorite scene is the "Moonglow" dance between William Holden and Kim Novak.  This is one of the sexiest scenes in movies.




There are so many more.  I'm a sucker for a good romantic movie.  Read: Not overly sappy, corny Hallmark movie type romances, but real romantic films.  Not every romantic film needs to be wrapped up in a tidy little bow with the couple living happily ever after.  In many of the best romantic films, the couple doesn't end up together (Casablanca, Roman Holiday, From Here to Eternity, Brief Encounter).  Sometimes the most heartbreaking romance is the one that you can't have.

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Julie Christie and Warren Beatty in "Heaven Can Wait" (1978). Their real-life love affair had been over for some time when this movie was filmed. But their characters set off serious romantic sparks just by making eye contact.



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Is this photo from a film or is this from their pad on the beach in Malibu?    :lol:


Pretty sure it was taken at their beach house, James.


(...'cause I don't remember any scene like this in MY FAVORITE WIFE, and as far as I remember the only film they were in together)

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