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My 2016 final & complete *Oscar winner forecast-(all 24 categfories)


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(INTRODUCTION: Posted these before, but not all of the *AMPAS' total (24 categories) In reality I hope I get a few wrong-(surprises) & also in reality,. I hope I score well again, my bookie won't like it-(JUST KIDDIN')


& AGAIN, I NOT OINLY WELCOME, BUT ASK FOR ANY OTHERS TO JOIN IN & COMPETE W/THEIR OWN PREDICTIONS-(last year I did lousy at 14 for 24 batting average of 58%)

But for the previous year I hot (20 for 24 correct avg of %83) & on the recent nominees, out of the top (6) Majors Is scored 30 for 35 (85%) Jakeem, or someone else got 1 better. Ironically the year I won the title in Variety as it's *"Oscar-0racle" for 2002 (I hit 17 for 24 though_) Peter Travers & I tied each other Typically, though Variety stopped it contest?. Now my debut yr if 1982-(a great year for movies by the way. I rated 10 new releases 4 stars!) I didn't know the politics of *THE AMPAS as yet & did rather weak, thinking "E.T." would defeat*"Gandhi"-(which swept 8)


(NOTE: As I written before sure wish Mr. 0sborne woulda come back just for "31 Days of the *Oscar" Especially since he literally wrote the bible on the subject-(YOU MUST GET IT BY THE WAY!) Nobody that calls them selves a bona-fide cinephile can go without it, or another titled "AFI Desk Reference"-(now it's not only AFI data, but everything movie related)


ANYWAY, HERE GOES MY (35 YEAR)& PREDICTIONS OF THE ACUTUAL WINNERS FOR THE 89th ANNUAL ACADEMY *(AMPAS)AWARDS -(don't think the usual posttime changes will occur, as I'm not doing very well sports fans)>-(depressing to say, but this may even be my final yr at my favorite annual game/contest?):


(SAVE & COMPASRTE & I hoped like my pal Jakeem,etc to be able to include each ofall the nominees,etc However,as I've learned in all these yrs it actually looks too tedious for most & eventually may turn them off?)-(HOPE HE DOES IT AT ANY RATE() & WE CAN BET A $BUCK$ HOW ABOUT THAT. WITHIN THE LAST YEAR HE'S PROVEN THE ARGUABLY BECOME THESE FURUMS A#1 WRITER. THATS SOMETHING THAT REALLY **** ME OFF, IN GAMBLING-(a victimless sport) LIKE HORSERACING, *OSCARS SHOULD BE A REGULAR BETTING COMPETITION IN VEGAS (I've gone to see (4) of the BP candidates & wanted to check out "Fences" typically of thesedays though they pulled it, despite it raking in almost $55m.) In the '80's if a film got a BP nod. it was immediately opened wide? & as Jakeem & others have filled you fellow "TCM-ITES" in *Oscars are to be presented "Live" on Sunday-(was always on a Monday & can you believe in March?>)

Sunday Feb. 26th, 2017 on ABC-TV & again from "The Dolby Theatre" on Hollywood, Blvd"-(it was only a couple yrs ago it was "The Kodak-Theatre?")-(680l H. Blvd. Mostly known and "Hollywood & Highland"-(I got to visit it in 05. & for reasons that escape me Jimmy Kimmel is the host? (TRIVIA: You can easily see "The Pantages Theatre" across H. Blvd from there, of course where the *Academy Awards were Aheld from (1949-59,including it's tv debut for 1953. My nitwit pal, that only knows about modern movies, asked why I was taking pix of it? & of course the legendary "Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel"-(est; 1926-) is also just across the blvd. In reality only the very first ceremonies were held in it's "The Blossom Room"-(it's strange, smaller & very musty) but only in 1929 honoring 1927-28 cinema. For yrs they used the shlep down to the "Shrine Auditorium" (TRIVIA/FUN FACTS: Back for the turn of the century TV's ET-(Paramount) had a time capsule to be buried underneat ":Hollywood & Holllywood"-(it was still under construction) & not to be unearthed for 100yrs. They include(3) videos: "It's a Wonderful Life" "Singin' In the Rain" & "Wizard of0z")plus clips from the show.



BEST PICTURE: "LA LA LAND":-(Summit)(8 to 9 victories projected)-(TRIVIA: & will make it the 10th musical to win the biggie)(EW recently messed-up in including 1944*"Going My Way" as a musical?) & to those that may be turned off to this incredible filmbeing an all-out musical, it's not. Starts out that way & then turns into pretty much a drama of these 2 people &I'm not a huge movie-musical fan myself. Did think *"Chicago' was fantastic, but *Fosse was different &those LADIES!)


BEST ACTOR: CASEY AFFLECK in "Manchester by the Sea"-(though not only from the looks of it, both & some momentum *Denzel in "Fences" just may take it & also make history by winning (3)? Though Hollywood/*The ACADEMY is very uptight a group. As jakeem pointed out, only (6) performers have been accepted into that rare (3) or more time winners club. & the AMPAS is still very uptight)(P.S. & who else has seen the terrific Western Casey was up for from 04 "assassination of Jesse James, by the Coward Bob Ford?"($4m.((***1/2)


BEST ACTRESS: EMMA STONE in "La La Land"-(though close over 63yr old veteran Isabelle Huppert in "Elle")-(Stone's 28)-(she's the "It Girl" right now., actually it's between her & *Oscar victor: *J. Lawrence)


S. ACTOR: MARHARSHELA ALI in "Moonlight"-(now 42)-(closest spoiler Jeff Bridges in "Hell or High Water") Also: Michael Shannon in "Nocturnal Animals"-(even though we share the last name! Like Jeff, along shot dark horse)


S. ACTRESS: VIOLA DAVIS in "Fences"-(A BLOW-OUT!)-(51 years of age)




ADAPTED-SCREENPLAY: "MOONLIGHT"-(Barry Jenkins)-(TRIVIA: Some *Oscar fax, in it's history they have adored adapted works over original ones by far.)


& ORIGINAL-SCREENPLAY"-(of late there's been a lot of tale between "La La Land" vs "Manchester by the Sea" taking this, I see the latter winning it myself)


BEST ORIGINAL-SCORE: "LA LA LAND"-(Justin Hurwitz)-(ANOTHER BLOW-OUT!)-(P.S. & a category near & dear not only to my old heart, but many online friends of mine) & another I forecasted "F. Foster Jenkins" & "The BFG" to be in?)






BEST ANIMATED-FEATURE: (clos-call) between "KUBO" & "ZOOTOPIA" but I predict the latter to have it's name called, which is also among the yrs biggest $hits%$)




BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN-(which used to be called Art-Direction): "LA LA LAND"




BEST FILM EDITING: (close race in my view, between: "LA LA LAND" "HACKSAW RIDGE"-(I barely vote/predict "LA LA LAND" again)


BEST MAKE-UP/HAIR STYLING: "STAR TREK: BEYOND"-(NOTE: I thoroughly thought "Florence Foster Jenkins" or even "Jackie" would make the top 3 noms. but it didn't (TRIVIA: IF "ST" wins, it would be only the (2) in the franchise to win an *Oscar to date)




BEST SOUND EDITING: "HACKSAW RIDGE"-(close again w/the big musical?)




BEST DOCUMENTRY FEATURE: "O.J. MADE IN AMERICA"-(not to be confused with that tv mini series)(TRIVIA: Simpson may get out in October of the year, he was sentenced either to 9yrs of I forget the maximum?)








(PREDICTION/SCORECARD: (9) "LA LA LAND" (tie-ing)it with if with *"GIGI" (l958), "*"LAST EMERPOR" (l987) & *"E. PATIENT" (l996)


(NOTE: A lotta' friends I have are in agreement, it's overtime to have a 25th category, this one fir Best Poster Design ala: Saul Bass' incredible art work over the years)





(P.S. Of course all already know the annual "IN MEMORIAM ROLL" WILL BE HUGE FOR 2016. But, as I tried to tell folks-(not to name drop but of all people I have become friends with MADONNA-(l958-) within the last 2 years & she thought with the changing of the calender things would be better, I had to remind her & especially at both our ages,she should know better. She's a huge optimist. Already we had Mary Tyler Moore & a couple other heavyweights go for 2017. AS I TELL HER-(Louise) HER 2nd HALF OF HER REAL NAME, IT'S THIS AWFUL THING CALLED TIME & GETTIING OLDER & NOT A CALENDER,/CHANGING OF A DATE,etc ) I KNOW SHE HAS A MYRIAD OF DETRATORS, BUT SHE GIING BEHIND THE CAMERA, SADLY, AS MOST ACTRESSES/LADIES MUSTDOI INTHIS ERA, OR TV,et & HELMING A BIG PROJECT ON "GRETA MILLS" UNLESS,YOUR *STREEP, YOU JUST DON'T GET NAME ABOVE THE TILE THEATRICAL ROLES ANYMORE)


By the way who saw *Spielberg';s "The BFG?" Ithiught it was a fine movie (***) not great *Steven though ($54m,.) &was certain *J. Williams would score another nomination?)

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& somewhat off the topic, but still on it. I keep reading, hearing,etc just how much you LADIES just adire Ryan Gosling-(l990-)


Be honest, how many of you great knowkledgable gals also all into this equation?


I mean they actas though he's the 2nd coming of *Gable or Cary Grant or something.


I get it, they like the brooding quiet type of roles he's played: "Drive" (**)-(a flat crime-drama chase film, but Albert Brooks stole the shoiw as the villain of allthings &for any film buffs that ever seen Ryan 0'Neal in "The Diver" (***) this paled in comparison. "Gangster Squad" (**)-(which had great costumes of gangster era Tinsel-town , but most notably in that is wax *Penn's work as Mickey Cohen-(though he looked nada like him) that stole that picture) & of course the huge cult film "The Notebook" ($71m.) I must admit, I've yet to e able see it) I mostly wanted to check it out for James Garner myself)


He's already been an *Oscar contender fir "Half Nelson" (**1/2) & did a movie last summer that was just asking for trouble with a capitol "T"


Teaming with *Crowe in "The Nice Guys" it played 2 weeks at best


But, be honest & I hear this everywhere now, THE LADIES WORSHIP this guy DO YOU?


I gotta' admit he was fine in "La La Land" but other actors coulda' filled the bill.




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