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I am looking for a horror film from when I was a kid. I believe the movie was between late 60's early 70's (because the chars clothing and hair styles were that era).

There were 4 or 6 people (couples) that were staying (for the summer?) at an old house on a lake. As it turned out, I think I remember this correctly, one of the girls from the group was actually a ghost of that house, wearing a white dress, long orange hair.

I also believe there were some zombie scenes in this movie, perhaps zombies on a boat eating the people.


The old town a few miles from the old house, all of the towns people acted very strange, as it turned out they were also zombies I believe.


There was also this one scene that stands out vividly to me, they were laying on the grass by the lake, and a couple were swimming. One of the ladies swimming was sort of wading in the water when this girl (who also looks like one of the friends) which is a ghost, the one int e white dress, comes up out of the water but not all the way, just to the surface. She reaches out and grabs the girl swimming and tries to pull her under the water.

It was pretty neat how they filmed that part I thought. Very creepy.

My memory is soooo bad, but any help you could provie would be wonderful. Thanks so much!


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