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My aunt says she watched it.....

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Bare with me....It is a black and white movie where a man is sentenced to death for murder where he was framed. While traveling by train to the prison the train derails from a bridge over water and after the crash the man who is handcuffed to a bar in the train is forced to cut off his hand to escape. He is assumed dead along with the rest of the passengers. He then gets a prosthetic hand and takes revenge and kills the people who framed him. I know it sounds kind of like the fugitive but it was made way before that. My aunt almost swears it was Vincent Price but I cannot find any movies with or without him that sound like this description. She saw it as a child and it scared her to death.....please help


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Some of the plot details (but not all of them) sound like "Chamber of Horrors" (1966) with Patrick O'Neal. The movie was in color, though, and O'Neal's character definitely was NOT framed. He was a psycho killer. However, on his way to be executed, his train did crash off a bridge into water & he did cut off his hand in order to escape. Later, he did use a prosthetic hand with various weapons in it to dispatch his enemies. To the best of my knowledge, the film is not available on VHS or DVD, but if this is the movie you are looking for & if you would be interested in obtaining a copy, PM me.

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I've seen this movie, because that plot sounds so familiar, especially the train-crash bit. Sadly, I can't remember what movie it is


My guess (and this is just a guess) would be Mad Love (1935), in which Peter Lorre plays a mad scientist who grafts the hands of a dead murderer onto a concert pianist (Colin Clive, IIRC), who then proceeds to kill people with those hands.




According to the IMDb plot summary, there is a train crash.


Don't ever confuse this movie with anything Chris O'Donnell or Drew Barrymore made. :-)

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