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Cheers for Miss Bishop: My thoughts

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I believe someone on here suggested watching this movie and so I made all effort to do so today. I can't say that I thought it was a completely original film because it wasn't. I hate to pour rain on someone's positive views of this movie but watching it I kept thinking "Gee, this is an Americanized GOODBYE MR. CHIPS". Of course Miss Bishop was a kind hearted teacher and was loved from the start whereas Mr. Chipping had to be thawed out through the love of a woman.


Still, the way both films were done are very similar and that ol' nagging feeling of "i've seen this before" crept over me. At least with "MISS BISHOP" it was more about how being such a dedicated teacher in some ways ruined her chances of being a happily married woman. I thought Martha Scott did a wonderful job as Miss Bishop and William Gargan was charming as Sam. So it wasn't a total waste :)


I think i'd be more enthusiastic about this movie if it didn't remind me so much of "MR CHIPS". Still, it's a wonderful film with some great scenes.


(See, I wasn't all bad toward the flick! :) )

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I too made time to watch Cheers for Miss Bishop and found it to be a good as I call them escape movie ... where you could just sit back and relax. Martha Scott was wonderful in the roll of Miss Bishop she was believable and made the roll hers. Her charactor was a dedicated teacher but she made bad choices when it came the men in her life. It was nice to see an older film for a change.

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My honest reaction to the film is that it overdoes the gushing sentiment all the way through, never missing a chance to hammer it home as a sob story. Some clever light touches of humor would have helped.


Typical of the "women's films" of the '40s--but not in the same class as some of the others.


To cover sixty years, aging was accomplished by putting white wigs on everyone but leaving the faces unlined with Martha Scott keeping her trim figure to the end. What happened to realism???


Much as I like Martha Scott and her quiet manner, the script was much too syrupy for my taste.



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