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10 questions about Oscar


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It's that time again...so I thought I'd post ten questions about the Academy Awards..most will be pretty easy for the movie geniuses here.. a couple might be be tougher.  Answer one, two, whatever..be as wordy or brief as you want...it's all for fun.


1.  It's a lucky day:  Four actors with 28 nominations and 7 wins (total for the 4) share the same birthday.. the only date with so many acting accolades..know it?


2.  Better late than never:  seven performers have been nominated posthumously in acting categories..name them and the two that won.


3.  Not again:  There are nine actors/actresses who have been nominated five or more times, but have never won an Oscar to this date (so don't say Leo DiC)..how many can you think of?


4.  Thanks to my agent and poodle:  Who gave the longest acceptance speech for their acting Oscar?  The shortest?


5.  Great expectations:  what two films garnered an impressive 11 nominations each..but didn't win a single statue?


6.  Watch the clock:  what is the shortest film to win the best picture award?  The longest?


7.  In the beginning:  Who was the very first person to be given their Oscar statue?


8.  A great start:  No man has ever won a  Oscar for a leading role in their  film debut...but four women have..know them?


9.  One is enough:  Do you know the only film to win Best Picture without having received any other nominations in any other category?


10.  Age is just a number:  Can you name the youngest winner of an acting award (excluding the defunct juvenile category) and the oldest?  How about the youngest and oldest director to win an Oscar?




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2. The other posthumous winner was Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight.


James Dean was nominated twice posthumously, for East of Eden and Giant.


Jeanne Eagels was nominated posthumously for The Letter.


Ralph Richardson was nominated posthumously for Greystoke.


Spencer Tracy was nominated posthumously for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


Massimo Troisi was nominated posthumously for Il Postino.

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10) Oldest is Christopher Plummer at 82 for Beginners (2010). Youngest is Tatum O'Neal at 10 for Paper Moon (1973).


Youngest director was Norma Taurog at 32 for Skippy (1931). Oldest director was Clint Eastwood at 74 for Million Dollar Baby (2004). 

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6) Shortest Best Picture winner is Marty (1955) at 91 minutes.


The longest Best Picture winner is a bit trickier. If going by only feature runtime, it's Lawrence of Arabia (1962) at 222 minutes. If you include the musical cues used for the opening, the intermission and the ending, then the longest is Gone with the Wind (1939) at 234 minutes. Another addendum is that Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) has the director's cut that runs 251 minutes, but that's not the theatrical cut that won Best Picture.

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1.)  I think that it's April 5th.  Bette Davis, Spencer Tracy, Melvyn Douglas and Gregory Peck were all born on that day.  (I'm guessing that you're only counting lead actors' performances.  Walter Huston was born on that day as well, but he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, not Best Actor.)


Bette Davis - 2

Spencer Tracy - 2

Melvyn Douglas - 2

Gregory Peck - 1

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yay! I knew all the film-smart people here would breeze through these! so far:

1.  no takers--Google doesn't know everything, you know...


2.  JamesStewart Fan started, and LawrenceA named every posthumous nominee.  These are always a little sad..poor composer Victor Young was nominated 21 times before he finally won after his death.


3.  JamesStewart Fan started with Glenn Close (6), Richard Burton (7), Peter O'Toole (8), Amy Adams (6), and LawrenceA added Deborah Kerr (6), Thelma Ritter (6), Irene Dunne (5) and Albert Finney (5)..but Julianne Moore has won one "to this date", so she doesn't get a spot on this list...there's one missing...anyone?


4.  MarshaKatz nailed both--Patty Duke said "Thank you", and Greer Garson spent 5 1/2 minutes speaking (longer than some winners spent on screen, hehe)


5.  Film lover 293 got this one quickly


6.  MarshaKatz knew this one..and LawrenceA followed with all the 'fine print'


7.  I thought this might be tough, but LawrenceA got it right--Emil Jannings returned to Germany before the ceremony, and was given his statue before the event.  (I wonder if it's ever been auctioned off or what happened to it? hmm..)


8.  MarshaKatz knew the four women who won a lead actress award their first time on the big screen.


9.  film lover 293 got this one..still find it surprising (just by virtue of dealing with all the egos involved, you'd think the director of Grand Hotel would get a nomination)


10,  LawrenceA got the youngest/oldest all correct,,and included the ages and films!



So..all that's left is number 1 and one more name for number 3...anyone?



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while I was posting, Azure correctly got the date, but made me realize I made a big mistake!  I actually had Huston on my 'scribble' list,  and didn't add his Oscars into the mix...should've been five actors, 8 wins and 32 nominations. Thanks Azure!  Sorry for the screw-up...


only thing left is one more name for 3...(five or more nominations without a win to this date)

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