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The Blue Dahlia - R2 DVD

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> {quote:title=fredbaetz wrote:}{quote}

> Too bad they didn't stick with the origional ending with Willian]m Bendix as the killer,But the censors and War Dept. didn't want a returning serviceman as a killer. I became friends with its director George Marshall a few years be for his death and that's what he told me. That and how Ladd had to be as tall as others around him. He said he told Ladd look at Jimmy Cagney, he's in scenes with others and he doesn't worry about someone being taller, it looks better for Cagney when he beats some hood up that's bigger then he is, but Ladd was very vain about hit height....



You're so lucky to have met Marshall! What he had to say about the original ending probably makes a lot of sense, it's the part of the movie that always struck me as being a bit at odds with the rest of the movie, somehow.


As for Ladd and Cagney, that's an interesting comparison too. It is true that with Cagney, it didn't matter how tall he seemed, he had a large presence. Maybe because Ladd tended to be more soft-spoken, he felt it wouldn't be a good idea to look smaller than the other actors.

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I agree about "Destry...", I think George also did the remake with Audie Murphy in the 50's.I use to meet George for lunch at the Formosa restaurent next to the Sam Goldwyn studios, they used it or a set of it for L.A. Confindential" and picked his brain about old Hollywood, before he drank me under the table and he always did. I was in my 30's and he had to be about 70. He did some acting also, He appeared in a Laurel and Hardy comedy where he played a cook and a prisoner.He also appeared in "Police Woman", the Angie Dickerson series right before he died. I remember one story very well, He had a golf date with Howard Hughes and he pulled up in Hughes circular driveway in his convertable and Hughes comes running out of the house yelling at George "Don't stop the car.Don't stop the car. Keep moving", as he throws his golf clubs in the back seat and tell George to "Go Go Go" and from the 2nd story balcony came Kate Hepburn in her birthday suit yelling at Hughes to get back here now, don't you dare go golfing." George said He never ask Hughes what happened and Hughes never said.

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I love Veronica, really I do, so don't slug me with a blackjack for suggesting that she has too little to do here. The story has her popping up so neatly in all the right places, you have to believe that Marshall and Chandler thought that the audience would be distracted enough just by having her in all those scenes not to notice. The story could pretty much have been told without her and I think she was filmed much better in ?This Gun for Hire".

But can anyone tell me what was with that scene at the flophouse with the two rip-off artists about?

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