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Crimes of Fashion

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It's Jennifer Connelly, a woman I usually find beautiful, but she looked terrible that year.




I think what kills Jennifer Connelly's look for me (okay, the dress is ugly.  It looks like something Miss Havisham would wear. But even if it were a better color like blue or green, it'd still be ugly), but its the scarf.  Why is that scarf there?!  I'm also wondering how her dress stayed up.  She also could have worn a less severe hairstyle.  It's a shame that this is the dress she was wearing when she won her Oscar.  She'll be forever immortalized in this ugly rag. 

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Speaking of Robin Hood ( via Frank Sinatra), I've always thought those pointy Robin Hood type hats women were so fond of in  the 30s were particularly unflattering and ridiculous -looking.


I know some have been posted here already (like Greta Garbo's crazy pointy head column in Ninotchka !) but here's another:






I don't know who looks sillier...Kate looks like she's trying out a dinner plate on her head, but then, Doris Nolan appears to be going for the upside-down ice cream cone ( sans ice cream) look.



Yes, the hats in that picture do look silly.  I've never liked those pointed/cone-shaped hats, either.  I remember seeing a few of those hats in the THE WOMEN.



Florence Nash






Norma Shearer and Ruth Hussey






Norma Shearer 






Hedda Hopper  (The cone shape on the hat isn't as pronounced as the others, but I just had to include the Queen of Crazy Hats.)







I did a little research on these hats and I found out that they seem to have been popularized by a designer named Elsa Schiaparelli.  If you'd like to read more about this designer and her hats, click on the link below. 



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Who IS that?  It's driving me crazy, she looks so familiar, but I can't bring her name to mind.  I "search google for this image" ed, but all I got was "Helen Mirren". This woman is obviously not Helen Mirren.


Please tell me who she is, I don't know why I can't identify her.

Anyway agreed....It's a wretched outfit to begin with, and it's only made worse by the horrible dishwater grey colour.


Some unsolicited advice which no one's going to listen to: Ladies, if you're attending a gala event, do not wear grey, and if you're white, do not wear anything white people flesh-coloured, at least if you want people to see you.

Hey, here's an idea: colour is nice, especially deep rich colours ; also, nothing wrong with classic basic black.


Here's an example of how the flesh-coloured thing doesn't work on some people:




Now, I love Emma Stone, and she's a lovely young woman. But her skin tone is so white, it's almost translucent. Again, nothing wrong with that in itself ( right, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman?)  But when you're that white, wear something that contrasts with your skin, not that works to make you disappear into your outfit. Emma would have looked so great in green, or even black.



In case you missed it, LawrenceA identified the actress for you.  It's Jennifer Connelly.  (Thanks, LawrenceA!)


Misswonderly3, I totally agree with your comments about fair-skinned actresses wearing white or flesh-colored outfits.  I wish that you could send that message to every fair-skinned woman in Hollywood (well, not just Hollywood......the WORLD).  That was one of the main things that bothered me about this year's Oscar fashions.  Emma Stone's dress is an excellent example.  The dress is very pretty (although I'm not 100% sold on the fringed bottom), but like you said, it doesn't look quite right against her skin. There were so many more examples from this year's Oscars, but I'll just talk about a few of them. 



Although some people may find it a bit boring, I actually liked this dress that Auli'i Cravalho wore.  However, even though she's not quite as pale as Emma, it still doesn't look quite right against her skin. 






The dress that Jessica Oyelowo (David Oyelowo's wife) wore was quite pretty, but it practically blended in with her skin.  






A lot of people liked this dress on Nicole Kidman and I can see why.  However, I still feel like she needed a dress with more color!






The style and color of this dress didn't do Dakota Johnson any favors. 






Darby Stanchfield looked rather bland and boring in this dress.






What was Felicity Jones thinking when she picked out this nondescript dress???



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What does the fashion police use as a jail? A changing room at Bloomingdale's?


Actually, they put you in a dungeon beneath Bloomingdale's.  They make you wear platinum handcuffs and they give you your choice of striped prison outfits. 






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Any movie where Doris Day has been allowed to pick her own clothing and wears something like a white hat decorated with a big daisy on the brim, would be my choice for a felony conviction for fashion malfeasance.


Now when others dress her, she looks quite lovely to be sure.

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Any movie where Doris Day has been allowed to pick her own clothing and wears something like a white hat decorated with a big daisy on the brim, would be my choice for a felony conviction for fashion malfeasance.


Now when others dress her, she looks quite lovely to be sure.



I couldn't find a picture of the hat that you described, but here are some hats that may be good substitutes.












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