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Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

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20 hours ago, Leighcat said:

I met Mr. Osborne while I was working in the video department of the Virgin Megastore in 2008 and asked him if he would have any input toward getting Waterloo Bridge from 1940 a dvd release. He thought it was already out, but I assured him that it was the Mae Clarke version that was available. We both fawned over Vivien Leigh for a while and he told me he would handle it. It was announced and released not too long afterwards.

What a terrific man.

My meeting with Ben Mankiewicz later left the opposite impression...

So, you're sayin' Ben preferred the Mae Clark version instead, and THEN tried to fawn over HER with you???

Yeah, okay, I suppose I can see why you seem much less impressed with The Mankster, then!

Sure! I think Viv was MUCH hotter than Mae ever was TOO, ya see.

(...but then again, I HAVE always gone much more for brunettes than I ever did blondes, ya know)  ;)


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53 minutes ago, Dargo said:

So, you're sayin' Ben preferred the Mae Clark version instead, and THEN tried to fawn over HER with you???

Made me want to smash a grapefruit right in his face.



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On 10/4/2020 at 6:27 AM, Stallion said:

I watched the tribute to Robert Osborne the other day and I can't say that I get it. Granted, I have only been watching TCM for a year or two but from what I have seen, I prefer Ben to Robert.

As Bing Crosby says to Frank Sinatra at one point during the 'What a Swell Party This Is' number in the movie High Society:

"You must be one of the newer fellas."


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00:04 11/2/2019 TCM - Turner Classic Movies -Fan Site
801 reactions (34 tears, 242 hearts, 517 likes), 97 Comments



Robert Osborne and TCM's 25th Anniversary, 11/2019

Robert Osborne

Robert Osborne, you were an exceptional man, with your insider knowledge, your disarming charm and friendships with stars, many of whom have avoided cameras of any sort, as they thought it would be discovered that they didn't know what they were doing, and the grips knew more about acting than they, and they'd be tossed off the lot at any time, even the very best of them.
I've missed many of the early editions of your "Private Screenings", because TCM wasn't yet available here, although the moment it was, I was a fanatic viewer, and I have joyously watched any returns to it.

We celebrate Ted Turner's brilliant Idea that with a broken down studio in Hollywood, he could also get their entire back catalogue of films basically free, put money into restoration, and gave we "Movie Matinee" and "Midnight Classics" viewers our favourite movies, but not overdubbed 12 times on film and videotape edited with an axe, not only in the middle of a scene, but often mid-sentence, to get that "Cheers" laundry soap ad, or an "Ovaltine" hot malted drink ad in on the time promised to the sponsor.

You gave us wonderful behind-the-scenes stories, that hurt no-one, and gave us great insights into films we already loved, with that Northwestern charm of yours, and I'm certain that I'm not alone in missing you, as we binge-watch fantastic movies on the TCM channel that, without you, could easily have been a bust.

Happy 25th Anniversary TCM, and thank you for the restoration of films otherwise lost in the vaults, or lost forever, binned with the best. And thank you, Robert Osborne, for your encyclopaedic knowledge of film, and for your friendship with so many actors and actresses, who, without your interest and kind insistence to come out and face a camera again to find how loved they are still, otherwise remaining forgotten, amongst the dim memories of the brilliant stars of yesteryear.

You are much loved and greatly missed, Bob. We will always remember your humble kindness, charm, invaluable contributions to TCM, and tireless work helping to save so many great films in general.

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I never weighed in on Robert's passing. I loved to watch him talk about the films before each one he'd show. He was the perfect personality for TCM.  TCM isn't the same without him.

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