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Israel Defense ForcesVerified account @IDF


HAPPENING NOW: 40,000 violent rioters in Gaza, some armed with knives, explosives, and grenades, are attempting to breach Israel's border and reach Israeli families on the other side of the fence. If our soldiers weren't there, they could.


Mehdi HasanVerified account @mehdirhasan 6h6 hours ago


1) it’s not a border,

2) Gaza is occupied territory according to international law

3) it’s 10-20 people trying to ‘breach’, not 40,000

4) they seem to have stones not grenades (!)

5) why do you keep shooting people in press jackets

& medical white coats far away from the fence?

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Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party and rival appear locked in race too close to call in Israeli election

Exit polls show the Blue and White party, headed by former military chief Benny Gantz, has a narrow lead over the Likud, two TV stations say. Another station showed them tied.........

More than 40 parties competed in the elections, including ultra-Orthodox religious parties, Arab factions and fringe movements such as the Pirate and Simply Love party. Only a handful are expected to win the 3.25 percent of the vote necessary to break the electoral threshold and earn the minimum four seats in Parliament.

Negotiations could take days or even weeks. After final results are released in around 24 hours or so, President Reuven Rivlin will meet with party leaders and select the one he believes is most capable of forming a coalition based on each party’s recommendations.

That party, usually but not always the largest faction, then has four weeks to form a coalition. A new government will be given the four-year term, but disagreements between coalition parties often result in early elections.......

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no one in Israel not even Netanyahu's opponents believe that iran armed with nukes would not be an existential threat to Israel's existence. over there no one can afford to look at the real world like egg sucking american liberal politicians do.


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Netanyahu, Trump and Putin: A love story

The Israeli prime minister has worked hard to grow his political bromance with the presidents of Russia and the US.


......The three old white men are macho populist nationalists with a mean streak. They're widely seen as deceptive, polarising figures, with a knack for acting with impunity. They also dislike free press and an active independent judiciary.

The trio's original rallying cause, their ultimate nemesis, the man they hated most is none other than Barack Obama and everything he represented: be it multiculturalism, liberal ideals or liberal foreign policy.....



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