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Trump’s signature Israel policy had a key flaw. We’re seeing it now.

The Abraham Accords didn’t resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Thursday’s deadly violence makes that clear.


".........the Abraham Accords weren’t struck to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They were designed, well, to help Israel normalize relations with Arab nations.

The plight of the Palestinians was an afterthought, if even that. Along with the US, “the Abraham Accords gave Israel the impression they could proceed without anything significant with the Palestinians,” Hellyer said.

And that was a problem, because instead of trying to strike some sort of deal with the Palestinians, the Israelis realized they could push for whatever they wanted with America’s full support.

In effect, the Abraham Accords emboldened the Israelis while allowing them to disregard Palestinian demands or rights.

That, simply put, doesn’t resolve a conflict. It fuels it. ............



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Soldiers of Israel, we have no aims of conquest. Our purpose is to bring to naught the attempts of the Arab armies to conquer our land.

Moshe Dayan

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Biden Must Let Netanyahu Crush Hamas

Michael Goodwin, New York Post May 16, 2021

While it's true there is a long, bloody history between combatants Israel and Hamas, the current fighting is unique in ways that make the endgame especially crucial for the Jewish state and the ent…

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Hamas leaders are really bozos.      They spend money they don't have on thousand of rockets,   fire over 2,500 into Israel,   which only result in the death of 8.      

If Hamas leaders were to grow up,  drop the military \ terrorist side of the group,  and openly recognize Israel and their right-to-exist,   the EU would be behind them 100% and even the USA would have to put pressure on Israel  to establish a two-state-solution.

Instead these clowns continue to engage in a conflict they can not come close to winning (or even doing any damage),   firing rockets just for show (I say for show, because if they are really firing them to try to cause death and destruction in Israel,  they are even bigger bozos then I suspected,  because that would be ineptitude beyond anything mankind has ever seen!).


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The Rats want to treat Israel like S. Africa ... they believe Israel is an apartheid state and want to totally reorganize its existence ... Biblical ...

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