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Eddie Muller, already asked this, but please assist with more info?


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I think I just wrote about this a coupole days ago, but apparently got no in depth response. even checke'd out his FB page, but it really doesn't give much info either


Most on here really look up to Eddie Muller, but please fill me in as to exactly why & I do recall writing him 9msg) but no reply was given


Just wanting to know his favorite's in the movies



& is he a fan of more cinema then just film noir?






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Knew about his fondness for film noir, but was wondering about his other favs. Someone said he was once a "GP"


I don't know what a "GP" is, but if you click on the link in cigarjoe's post, you'll see that it's an entire site devoted to Eddie Muller, including a bio on him and a list his of other projects and interests.

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I don't know what a "GP" is, but if you click on the link in cigarjoe's post, you'll see that it's an entire site devoted to Eddie Muller, including a bio on him and a list his of other projects and interests.


Thanx pal, I had already did that though, think it was yesterday Neat how he wears "Fedora's' huh. In the obvious tradition of that genre.


I also have a few among my movie memorabilia, though it's just too darn humid down here to wear them most of the time


Originally I got a "Panama Fedora' ala "Indiana Jones" as most thought, that didn't know that it was an homage to Fred C. Dobbs in "Sierra Madre' A dancer/stripper stole it though, back around 1990/91


Then I got more of a *Spencer Tracy type of hat-(just less of a brim & his favorite for 26yrs & can easily be seen in "Guess Whpo's Coming to Dinner" & even more trivia, next time you happen to catch "0n Golden Pond" in the very beginning *Henry Fonda & *Kate arrive at "0n Golden Pond" & *Hank is wearing the very same "Fedora" She gave it to him at the inception of filming. Always wondered where it is now (Bridget Fonda, Peter or *Jane?) Gotta' watch fast because he then puts on that fishing cap. Sill have that one


& then I got an official *Sinatra hat. Engraving & all. Instead of getting 1 with his famed white band though, I got 1 entirely black instead, again obviously due to the weather down here.


Also got-(but never wore it yet) a *Cagneyesque "Newsboy Cap"


Have tons of Baseball Caps, with famous logo's on them, including a gift for Christmas of TCM. Never wear them either though, just collectibles I reckon' A very rare "International *Sinatra Society" fan-club cap as well. & AFI, Hollywood Roosevelt,etc & dig this, I still own an ultra rare "Honeymooners Racoon Cap" I got that from a long gone fan-club I was a member of, it ridiculously folded when "The Great 0ne: Jackie Gleason" died in '87?


(P.S. Do you happen to know Mr. Muller's fav actors & actresses though?) & what's your opinion of Tiffany Vasquez?

I'm prejudiced, but would like to see Winona Ryder back a bit mire. you of all people know she filled in for Robert when he was ill a couple yrs ago.


Do you know if Bob Dorian or Nick Clooney is still around? I think Clooney is but what about Bob?


& I know he wouldn't likely do it, just too busy, but imagine if TCM got Alec Baldwin as a host



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"Fedora" usually refers to a particular style  of hat.  PANAMA hats are generally made of straw or other lightweight material that gets woven.  And come in many different styles.  The more familiar and popular style has a flat rim creased crown and generally a wide brim, and often a colorful, decorative band. 


Indiana Jones' hat was either felt or wool, so not really a "Panama" fedora. 


8/4 caps, generally known as "newsboy" caps are the ones I like too.  I have one that's a grey tweed material with a longer bill that I've had for 30 years now.  Looks it too.  And THAT'S when I think, they start looking REALLY good.  It looks much like the one my Grandfather had back in the '30's, and it's my "signature" lid.  I only wear my "Kiss Of Death" era fedora on holidays and special occasions.  ;)


I don't have ANY baseball caps, nor the more bland and widely used(now) "golf caps" like my DAD wore and GEORGE BURNS wore in OH, GOD.  And those two examples are the MAIN reason I never sheep-like took to wearing them like you see just about every other guy wear with their bills turned in every direction possible.


Haven't worn a baseball cap since I was in LITTLE LEAGUE 54 years ago!  It made SENSE then!



And I think "GP" in "forum vernacular" stands for Guest Programmer.




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