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Many on here may not go see it, but surprisingly "Kong: Skull Island" was fun


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     The majority of my fellow TCMITE'S on these marvelous forums don't usually go to many new releases & especially remakes, sequels & of course for this era the overused CGI effects.


I feel the same way about those flix, but did want to see the current epic monster movie-9& somewhat old fashioned in it's approach) "Kong: Skull Island"


& agree with Leonard Maltin about it, when he was reluctant & got burned too-many times with these types of releases i.e. 1998 s "Godzilla" ($136m. gross) (**)


I even get confused when the trailers say it's from the same producers, but I think they meant the remake of that 1998 remake instead. Which was a little bit better I reckon'   It's the 2014 version of "Godzilla" which made over $200m. & in my opinion is only a little bit stronger


This one throws in everything but the kitchen sink as they always say & that too.


But it grabs hold & never lets up, plus & this is really refreshing thesedays with these types of flix  it ended ok!-(though per usual almost all of the surprisingly older crowd, typically left before a final important sequence)


I try to always go by who the director of a new movie is, but don't know this one


Leonard calls this the best monster movie in years.  & he's a hard to please reviewer.


It also owes a lot to things like Joseph Conrad's book "Heart of Darkness" which of course turned out to be a heavyweight war-epic in "Apocalypse Now' there are a few in-jokes on that as well


This "Kong" is by far the largest in cinema history. Matter  of fact the current EW magazine has a neat fold-out on each "Kong" & his approx. size. This one stands at 100ft. Where is in the all-timer from 1933 he was 25ft-(TRIVIA: The actual model was just  3ft tall)


It reminded me more of the first "Jurassic Park" where the island was filled with all kinds of critters & he's not the only, or the baddest monster on the island   There's a lot more, but not a tough


Come to think of it Peter Jackson's 2005 rehash also had many others.


(NOTE: I just saw where Universal Studios already opened up a tour of "Skull Island" down here in 0rlando. Ironically though they tore down the original "King Kong Ride" a few yrs back) :angry:


& of course the had the trailer for the 3rd in the "Apes-franchise" "War of the Planet of the Apes" due this summer. I've said it before Andy Serkis deserves some kind of special Oscar for his work in all these epics. He wasn't connected to this one though


(Overall barely ***1/2-out of 4 stars)


(P.S. Something for the more adult oriented fans, they had a lengthy trailer for the upcoming "Dunkirk" by Christopher Nolan. I think it's also a summer release? & though of course the Oscars are completed, this looks like bait)



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   Knew most were not interested on this newest thriller, but still thought some would chime in either about it or the past versions?


& also something about "Dunkirk" anyone seen the footage?   Gets released in July


Always remember when my mum took me to the 1976 version, despite not being good though it was a $hit$


Many scenes it's obvious it's just somebody walking around in a monkey suit.


& who knew from that the J. Lange-(appeared only to be beautiful,etc) was such a powerful actress?


(P.S. Not certain on this, let me know someone  didn't john Barry score that Dino DeLaurentiis version?)

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nobody has the guts to do what male audiences wanna see...


movies with 30 foot and 50 foot man-grabbing babes! :)



Yet another fun one. The bad flix during that era, were still better & more fun then the bad releases today.  Obviously to the point check out Edward  D. Wood, Jr's work


At least they were schlocky fun stuff & not disgusting

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My dad went to see it and he told me he liked it better than the Peter Jackson King Kong movie so I'm definitely intrigued.


Of course you know THAT doesn't mean it's better, any more than it meaning it's WORSE.




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I got a great idea for a kong movie...


one of kong's love interests gets some of his blood on her and she grows to 50 feet but without hair. :D


Uh, so this is to go along with the OTHER clip you already posted on the same joke, then?

(And FWIW, director Nathan Juran was always embarrassed at how badly the "ghost" effects ended up on Amer. International's budget.  Some fans have actually referred to it as "Attack of the 50 Foot Casper"...Except for the folks who never saw it and think it's a "feminist metaphor", because all they ever saw was the poster.)


And darn, I'm still a week late on blogging about how badly Warner bungled THIS year's attempt to start the new "franchise universe" thing (had to use "B&B crippled it at the box office" as a timing excuse for the post), by making a Kong movie that bizarrely has absolutely nothing to do with the previous three films.

'Twas....Vietnam that killed the beast.  Only, he didn't go to NY, and they didn't kill him.   :huh:

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Don't know if this is a true story or not. But in 1976 when "King Kong" opened, Barbra Streisand's "A Star is Born" opened within a week or so of each other. Jon Peters, Barbra's hairdresser, boyfriend and film's producer happened to run into Dino DeLaurentiis at a party in Hollywood and was going on how much better "Star" was doing Box office wise than "Kong", to which Dino replied .."Well that doesn't surprise me. After all your monkey can sing"...Like I said true or not it's a good story...

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