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Another prediction, I bet "NP Guide" stops in a couple yrs


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I started getting "Now Playing Guides" as soon as they were available & have saved 'em all Boxes full actually


But, as most know due to the net things like newspapers, books-(bookstores) & most things in the print medium are going under & I bet within a couple of yrs if that, our beloved "NP Guide' goes out the same way



I love the internet, but wish there was room for everything

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Sometimes, I'd be surprised when a promo for it would run that it was still an ongoing thing. As far in advance as TCM no doubt has to print it, I can't imagine it's a terribly reliable source. Heck, even the online schedule isn't always caught up to various changes for things like hastily scheduled tributes or movies that get removed from the schedule at the last second.


But magazines in general certainly don't seem to be going anywhere. They certainly haven't resized the magazine racks at local Barnes & Noble, which is overflowing with hundreds of magazines. Or the magazine racks at the grocery stores. Newsweek converted to an online-only magazine status for a year or so, which seemed to be the first sign of a possible seismic shift, but I believe they have now resumed a print edition. I'm not as certain about the future of newspapers, although at least a couple of times a week, I note that the convenience store I most often stop at will be completely out of my local paper by late evening. Now, granted, maybe they only start the day with two or three dozen copies, but still ...


What will be missing from now on, I suppose, are NPG promos featuring Robert Osborne. I found them to be a comforting reminder over the past year that he was still around, and I could hold out hope that he might return, at least to have some kind of farewell tour, if not to actually resume some kind of schedule. 

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RO has done quite a bit of writing BEFORE TCM came about, so I'm sure there's lots of his stuff they could put in future issues.  TV GUIDE was always about more than just  broadcast schedules.


I could  be facetious and say that TIME, NEWSWEEK,  READER'S DIGEST, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, PEOPLE and others should be printing copies with all the CURRENT news NOW in order for them to be ready for filling the tables and magazine racks in doctor's and dentist's offices FIVE YEARS from now!  ;)


Newsprint and magazines have vital uses beyond just reading them.  You gonna swat that naughty puppy with a rolled up LAPTOP?


Smack that fly or mosquito with your KINDLE?


Cover the glass in your window with that SAMSUNG GALAXY when painting?


Wrap fish or line your birdcage with that iPAD?


I think NOT.  ;)




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