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Three Cheers for Noir Alley

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Absolutely loving it.  Eddie Muller's substantial intros are excellent and the lineup is great, focusing as it does on some of the less well known but fascinating examples of the genre.  I don't know about the scheduling though -- it competes with the Sunday morning news programs, and it really deserves a prime time slot.

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Not such a fan of his extensive intros.  He says too much, imo, about the upcoming film.  If you haven't seen it, you are hearing too much.  Everything he says after the film is just swell, however.  I've taken to recording and skipping past his intros.

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Noir is one of my favorite genres.  Eddie Muller's intros are something I always look forward to.  He gives me just enough but doesn't include any "spoilers" IMO.


macocael, you bring up a good point about the time slot competing with the Sunday papers.  I either have to get some reading done before the movie starts or wait until it is finished.


Do you think this would fly in a prime time slot?  Just saying..............as noir is not a genre that appeals to everyone.

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I love it. I love Eddie Muller. I just wish it was scheduled at night.


I agree;   but please explain how you were able to drive on that road without falling off a cliff but you could barely walk or talk once the police pulled you over.    ;)

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WOW!!!!!  First post.  I am SHOCKED that there is not more discussion about Noir Alley.  I guess it is in part because Mueller doesn't promote coming here to discuss the show.  Why go to other social media sites when you can come here?  I guess I am a newbie.  I'm not particularly in love with other social media sites and I don't understand why people wouldn't just come here to discuss the programming on this channel.  Anyone want to share with me what these forums are like?  I would think they would be jumping with activity, but my guess is it isn't real active because people live on Facebook and Twitter now.  I just don't get that.

Anyway, I love Noir Alley.  I admit I do wish there was a bit less spoiler in the Intros, but I still love them.



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