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Some trivia/fan/fun & some more "Stars that Heighted"


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Somewhat stalled with this story on here for a couple of years or more


But, all has been cross referenced-(if you don't believe any stats I post anyway, as I've long said I started collecting movie books around 1979, when I was just a kid of 14 , but myriad of stuff from the Tinsel-Town" "celebs that knew & word with them. & a lot of these fax were due to TCM's NP Guide, yrs ago I had it's 2 folded out covers & lamenated. Plus, 2 to 3 must have books-(BUT, NOODY SEEMS TOI EVEN HEARD OF THESE EXCEPT GET 'EM. I THINK OF TCM-ITE LawrenceA has the?>


Put this off due to not wanted to ruin some fans idol, heroine, ect



WELP, HERE WE GOES WITH SOME CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD & IN SOME UN MASKIG OF SOME LEGENDARY STARS many refused to get the lifts strapped on & especially if the left the walls of the dream-factory he was working in.


Like Humphrey Bogart-(l899-l957) was actually barely 5'8 & this what got me to wrte this, there an ultra humble show of Bogey sitting with the & 5'9 & 1/2 *Bergman on some stairs while shooting *"Casablanca" I was stunned at this image, he liberately had huge boards under his already (2 usually for him)

His great pal "The Great:Tracy" & Cagney-(whom was 5'7 at best & Spence was 5'10 but both men detested any make-up, expecially Tracy) & also Cagney was no fan on publicity Especially if were also PHONY Sadly, it's legendary grand finale at Burbank/Glendale airport, had Bogie standing on an orange crate


The real toughest guy in town according to Cagney in his own autobiography. He admitted GeorgeRaft-(l895-l980) was a one note actor, but the real deal gangster, i.e. Bugsy Siegel & the sole person at that 1947 funeral Raft may have reached 5'8 sans lifts


Edward G. (l893-l973)barely hit 5'5 & 2 old,old guards in 1999 working a WB's once verified he wore them, but was terrified of violent & mostly guns going off Though a superb thespian


Bryan Donvely-(l898-l972) now marks everywhere as one of the biggest sob's in Hollywood history? I could never pick up of it & found his superb in 1939's Beau Geste he was maybe 58-to-9 at best without the usual 2 inch lifts


Bobby Darn-(l936-73) sadly, he also had a bad heart, was getting bald on top & each studio was heighning Bobby


Yul Brynner -(l9l5-85)-(many stars of that era either shaped yrs of the birthcard, added the,etc) personally I always kneweven as a kid he was full of himself! though did find him perfectly cast in "Magnificent 7" & "Westworld" He may have reach 5'7, but hd 2 inch heels


Claude Rains (l889-l967) 4 time Oscar contender & arguably among Hollywoods all-time speaking voices, only after




THANK YOU, there are more

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