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" Donald Trump is everything that people thought a black president would be. "



( Referencing:


*Late for press conferences,


**Bringing his family into the White House and


***Being photographed smiling and eating fried chicken on a plane.)




Trevor Noah, The Daily Show, July 20th 2017

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Following The Great Melissa McCarthy at the White House Press Room Podium is the talented young comic Fortune Feimster.


Fortune has scored comedy gold with her uncanny impersonation of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


You can catch Fortune on Netflix's Chelsea.

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Trump Administration Announces New $20 Bill Design Honoring Harriet Tubman’s Owners


WASHINGTON—Saying they wished to pay tribute to the legacies of these distinguished, law-abiding Americans, the Trump administration announced Friday that a long anticipated redesign of the $20 bill would honor Harriet Tubman’s owners. “These were patriotic business proprietors who followed the laws of their time to further their economic interests, and this new currency design finally recognizes these enterprising individuals for their success,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at an afternoon press conference, explaining that the bills commemorating those responsible for enslaving the famed abolitionist, Civil War nurse, and women’s rights activist for the first three decades of her life would be in circulation by 2018. “For too long, we’ve overlooked the achievements of these upstanding citizens and prosperous agriculturalists. The new $20 note, which will feature a portrait of the Brodess family on the front and a depiction of the Maryland plantation they operated on the back, will at last give them their proper place in American history.” Mnuchin then sought to assuage any concerns about the decision, assuring those in attendance that the Trump White House was already looking into ways to preserve Andrew Jackson’s likeness by having it replace Abraham Lincoln on the $5 bill.



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I saw some TV ad for a show called "Full Frontal"  that briefly compared Trump to Captain Ahab as concerns those 3,000,000 illegal votes.  Calling them his "White Whale".


Showed a "fixed" photo of Trump sporting an Ahab type beard while at the helm of a tall ship and also wearing one of his silly ball caps.


Then went on to say..."Of course, if that whale WAS white, he'd have no problem with it..."  All while showing a photo of a whale wearing a similar Trump cap.




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Breaking news - - this just in--


President John F Kennedy was late convening a meeting concerning spy plane disclosures of Russian missiles in Cuba.


The President postponed the emergency meeting sheduled for October the 16th to the next day because he was so angry about the outcome of the 1962 World Series.


A Giants fan, the President was upset that the San Francisco team dropped it all in the end, coming up short with a 4-3 match.



President Kennedy specifically blamed three black players, he said,


"These guys were not paying enough attention because they were too concerned about their Civil Rights and had exhausted themselves marching with

Rev Martin Luther King jr. These guys need to get their priorities straighten out!"



The President named Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda, and Willie McCovey as:



"Three losers who do not deserve to be Giants or to salute the flag or to even be American citizens."



Through his Press Secretary, Pierre Salinger, the President demanded that all three of these players be fired for their poor performance in the

1962 World Series.



On October 17th the President was finally able to get back to the business of the Russian missiles in Cuba, pointed directly at the United States.


When asked about his work-related priorities in a press conference,

President Kennedy simply said:



"Those three SOB's commanded my attention because I had a lot of money placed on the Giants and those black players were lazy and just didn't come through for me."



As of deadline, there's no news yet if the Giants' organization has fired the three black players.

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liberals can joke about trump for the present like colbare because they have conned themselves into believing impeachment is inevitable but when it doesn't materialize for them you'll see the true beauty of the america liberal character....and those yet future expressions of such beautiful human beauty may not be FCC-approved.



count on it.

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Stephen Colbert is really in a dilemma here.


He is over the top, but he has to have material from trump. trump is his top comedy writer, his muse and his stooge.


Because without Trump he doesn't have the old pizzazz - - just look at his ratings before the orange orangutan.


At the moment Colbert must be living in a kind of a hold your breath fantasy world.


And he better be careful what he wishes for.

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