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Time to Bow down to *"The Chairman"-Day on TCM!


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1st of all I must ask a certain close friend if you are A-OK? If you read this 1st-lovethemmovies & "H!" I won't divulge anymore of identity then that in respect to you my friend! Thank You to others, for that kinda' pvt. message, but you know her as a fellow TCM fan & onliner as well.

& now onto a topic of which is also very close to said individuals heart as well. Being Monday August 11th It's now time for fans of *"The Chairman of the Board"-Francis Albert Sinatra-(1915-98) to take a bow, due to-it being his day on TCM's superb "Summer Under the Stars!" I first of all, wanted to submit an aside here KUDOS to you guys on the lil' pop up poll on his finest work as an actor!!! A (tie) between my personal candidate: 1954's "Suddenly" & his personal candidate as his best work: 1955's "Man With the Golden Arm" for which he won his 2nd & final ACADEMY nomination. & most of you guys/gals are aware that his most famous film & I rank it among the all-time top 5 War-Flix period. *1953's "From Here to Eternity" which won an incredible 8 OSCARS overall. (NOTE: I like *Donna Reed-(1921-86) but she really in my view, did not deserve that gold though? But he as Maggio certainly did! Originally & practically written with: Eli Wallach-(1915-) In mind. & the late Aldo Ray-(1926-91) was set to play Robert E. Lee Prewitt? Ava Gardner-(1922-91) helped *Sinatra in convincing probably the biggest s.o.b. that ever ran a studio: Harry Cohn-(1891-1958) of Coulmbia. To cast *Frank. He lost his voice on stage, got dumped from M-G-M & really needed a boost at that time & as they say, the rest is history)

Little award trivia: though both *Lancaster & Montgomery Clift wre up for leading actor OSCAR, It was *Burt whom won NY Film Critics Award. Anyway, check TCM's schedule & of course they had to leave out some of his (58 flix charlie!) "Some Came Running" (***1/2) Is also scheduled & even to this day, *Shirley MacLaine-(1934-) cites that as her finest role & It was her very 1st nod. as well.

"Suddenly" Is on at 2 to 3;30pm. Most have not seen that. He plays an all-out animalistic villian & right to the finish! Most pop-icons would not have touched that pt. with a 10 foot pole! Most critics & rightly so, generally when *Frank Sinatra & his movies come-up, immediately think of the superb 1962 thriller "Manchurian Candidate" But I reckon' as it's on so-much, they left it out on his day? & I was going to submit an open complaint letter to TCM In relation of ignoring: Natalie Wood-(1938-81) In it's tremendous August special. Still may? But they at least have her in a couple, though it's on another celebs. 24hr. day??? Like: "The Great Race" & *F.S.' good, but not great 1958 film with her & Tony Curtis which is on today: "Kings Go Forth" After-all, she was in cinema since the age of 4 & started in 1943!?

Anyway, whats your fav. *Sinatra film & or performance-(strangely, a lotta' folks get the 2 mixed-up?)

& I'll leave you fans with a little trivia: 2 songs have won the OSCAR that he sung. 1957's under-rated "Joker Is Wild"-& It's song: "All the Way"-(I've always thought that, a better movie than same yrs "Pal Joey?") & 1959's "A Hole in the Head" & It's number "High Hopes" 0f which The Kennedy Family used, of course until they got elected!!! Thank You

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