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Trump and North Korea


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On August 28, 2018 at 12:32 PM, Bogie56 said:

So what's with the hold up on Trump's nobel peace prize?  He declared the nuclear threat was over.  Thus North Korea suddenly went from being a rogue state to a legitimate player.  And now there is no need for sanctions as the threat is gone.  Countries are trading with NK again.  Thanks Dotard!


Trump pointing out an interesting piece of grass to Kim Jong Un.  To the song of Lovely ...

You're lovely,
Absolutely lovely.
Who'd believe the loveliness of you?

Lovely is from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

I have to pat myself on the back for this one.  This was well before Trump's declaration that he and Kim Jong Un had fallen madly in love.

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Koreas, UN finish removing firearms from border village

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The rival Koreas and the U.S.-led U.N. Command finished removing firearms and troops from a jointly controlled area at a border village on Thursday, as part of agreements to reduce decades-long animosity on the Korean Peninsula.

South Korea separately announced that its troops found what it believes are Korean War remains in another front-line area where they have been clearing land mines with North Korean soldiers. The rival Koreas plan their first-ever joint searches for war dead there after their demining work is done.

Disarming the Joint Security Area at the border village of Panmunjom and the joint searches are among a package of deals the Koreas’ defense ministers struck on the sidelines of their leaders’ summit last month. Other steps include creating buffer zones along their land and sea boundaries and a no-fly zone above the border, as well as removing some of their front-line guard posts.

On Thursday, the Koreas and the U.N. Command completed a removal of weapons, ammunition and soldiers manning guard posts at Panmunjom’s Joint Security Area, Seoul’s Defense Ministry said in a statement. The three sides earlier finished removing mines from the village.

The three sides will jointly verify their disarmament work on Friday and Saturday. Under the September deals, the two Koreas are to let 35 “unarmed personnel” from each side guard the Joint Security Area and let tourists freely move around there.

The area symbolizes the Koreas’ seven decades of division. It’s where an armistice was signed at the end of the 1950-53 Korean War. Rival soldiers have faced each other only meters (feet) apart in the zone, which has been the scene of numerous incidents of bloodshed and violence. It is also a venue for talks and a popular tourist destination.

Soldiers and visitors were previously allowed to move freely inside the area, but the 1976 ax-killing of two American troops by North Korea at Panmunjom led to the creation of ankle-high concrete slabs that mark the border there.

The Koreas are split along the 248-kilometer (155-mile) -long, 4-kilometer (2.5-mile) -wide border called the Demilitarized Zone that was originally created as a buffer. But unlike its name, the DMZ is now the world’s most heavily fortified border. An estimated 2 million mines are peppered inside and near the DMZ, which is also guarded by barbed wire fences, tank traps and combat troops on both sides.

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South Korea approves North Korea reconciliation dealsamid conservative opposition

SOUTH Korean President Moon Jae-in faces a major backlash after confirming a reconciliation deal with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

SOUTH Korea’s liberal president on Tuesday formally confirmed his recent reconciliation deals with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, triggering immediate backlash from conservatives who called him “subservient” to the North.

Some experts say President Moon Jae-in’s move is largely symbolic, but others say it shows his determination to carry out the September deals despite growing scepticism about whether his engagement policy will eventually lead to North Korea’s nuclear disarmament.

Moon “ratified” the deals on Tuesday afternoon, hours after his Cabinet approved them during a regular meeting, his office said in a statement. The back-to-back endorsements came with no prior parliamentary endorsement. In South Korea, a president is allowed by law to ratify some agreements with North Korea without consents from politicians.

At the start of the Cabinet meeting, Moon said in televised remarks that the ratification would help further improve ties with North Korea and accelerate global efforts to achieve the “complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.” The main conservative opposition Liberty Korea Party criticised Moon’s action, saying the deals would only undermine national security and waste taxpayers’ money.

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'Ashamed and scared': group details 'endemic' sex abuse in North Korea

SEOUL (Reuters) - Sexual abuse by North Korean officials appears to be “endemic”, a watchdog group reported on Thursday, as activists complain the isolated country’s rights record is being ignored as an international push is made to improve relations.


Investigators with U.S.-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) interviewed more than 100 North Koreans who had left the country - including more than 50 who left since 2011 - and described unwanted sexual contact and violence as “so common that it has come to be accepted as part of ordinary life”.

Gathering information in North Korea is notoriously difficult, and HRW acknowledged its survey was too limited to provide a generalized sample.


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South Korea-U.S. military drills violate agreements: North Korea media

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea’s resumption of small-scale military drills with the United States violated a recent agreement aimed at lowering tensions on the Korean peninsula, North Korean state media said on Monday.

About 500 United States and South Korean marines began military drills last week that were among joint exercises indefinitely suspended in June as Seoul and Washington focused on engaging with North Korea.


The Korean Marine Exchange Program (KMEP) violated a Sept. 19 agreement signed by North and South Korea that called for a halt to “all hostile acts,” said the Rodong Sinmun, North Korea’s official party newspaper.

The joint two-week drills are “directly against the inter-Korean military agreement that promised to eliminate practical threats of war and fundamental hostile relations from the Korean peninsula,” the newspaper said.


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Activists hold rally praising Kim Jong-un

Despite violating National Security Act, police didn’t interrupt

Nov 20,2018

South Koreans stage a rally praising North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in front of the KT building in Gwanghwamun Square, central Seoul, on Sunday. The rally was organized by the Paektu Praise Committee, a radical activist group. Participants in the rally wear flower headpieces as they hold up signs welcoming Kim’s possible visit to Seoul. [NEWS1]South Koreans stage a rally praising North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in front of the KT building in Gwanghwamun Square, central Seoul, on Sunday. The rally was organized by the Paektu Praise Committee, a radical activist group. Participants in the rally wear flower headpieces as they hold up signs welcoming Kim’s possible visit to Seoul. [NEWS1]

A pro-North Korean group staged a rally praising North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Gwanghwamun Square, central Seoul, on Sunday, despite being reported multiple times for violating the National Security Act. 

The rally was organized by the Paektu Praise Committee, a radical activist group. It was not stopped by police even after conservative groups filed complaints against the organization for praising the North Korean leader, which is a violation of South Korea’s National Security Law. 

About 50 members of the Paektu Praise Committee participated in Sunday’s rally. During the protest, members praised Kim in speeches and dedicated a dance performance in his name. Some of the speakers were children and teenagers. 

“I was deeply touched after seeing the people of North Korea welcome [South Korean] President Moon Jae-in and after witnessing the careful consideration put into [Moon’s] visit by Kim and his wife Ri Sol-ju,” said one teenage speaker. “We also want to enthusiastically welcome Kim when he comes to visit.” 

During Moon’s third summit with Kim in Pyongyang in September, the South Korean president invited Kim to visit Seoul. 

Political remarks against the United States were also a favorite topic in Sunday’s speeches. A speaker who introduced himself as a Sungkyunkwan University student said that “in the past, the reason why [a North Korean leader’s possible visit to South Korea] was frequently stopped was because of the United States’ strong political power.” The student said that Kim’s proposed visit to Seoul “is proof that North and South Korea’s political power overpowers the United States’ will to keep the two Koreas apart.” 

One speaker took to the mike to announce that “the National Security Law no longer exists” while also denouncing conservative political figures like Rep. Na Kyung-won and Hong Joon-pyo for their views on North Korea. 

The Paektu Praise Committee was organized on Nov. 7 to encourage Kim’s visit to Seoul. The group has since been reported to the Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office three times by conservative civic groups like the Taegeukgi Revolution National Movement Corps for violating the National Security Law. 

Conservative groups protested the pro-North Korean rally on Sunday. 

“The core value of progressive politics is human rights, but it is ridiculous that the committee is siding with Kim who suppresses the North Korean people’s human rights,” said Park Gyeol, a representative from the conservative Dawn of Liberty party. 

The Paektu Praise Committee dismissed these concerns. “[I don’t see why] we can’t welcome our own kind [but can] welcome international singers whenever they come to Korea,” said a member of the Paektu Praise Committee. The group also said that they plan to organize events nationwide in Busan, Daegu and Gyeonggi. 

BY KIM DA-YOUNG [jeong.juwon@joongang.co.kr]

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Ken DilanianVerified account @KenDilanianNBC



U.S. drops demand for full accounting of N. Korea nuclear program ahead of talks

https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/u-s-drops-demand-full-accounting-n-korea-nuclear-program-n977251  via @CKUBENBC


David RothkopfVerified account @djrothkopf 2h2 hours ago


Desperation move. And a true warning sign about these negotiations.

Trump's desperation is showing...and Kim will take advantage


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Trump lost big at North Korea nuclear summit, but it could've been worse

"......Before the talks broke down, NBC News reported Wednesday night that U.S. officials had abandoned their demand that Kim make a full accounting of his nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

Like the trip itself, that suggested a strong desire on Trump's part to reach some sort of agreement with Kim before leaving Vietnam. Trump's schedule for Thursday even included a planned signing ceremony for an agreement that never materialized — a ceremony that was abruptly canceled because the two sides couldn't reach a deal.

Even before he landed in Hanoi earlier this week, Trump's appetite for an accord appeared strong enough to North Korea experts that many worried he would be suckered into a bad deal with Kim. Some of his critics saw a president desperate to score points on the international stage because of his domestic political troubles.....


Now, though, his decision to stay away from the dramatic deal-making moment is likely to please a wide range of North Korea experts in the U.S. More important, after bowing to Kim by agreeing to come to Hanoi without a deal ready to go in the first place, he didn't give away anything else.

That was a small victory wrapped in a larger defeat. But it wasn't the worst possible outcome for Trump.




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Qasim Rashid, Esq.Verified account @MuslimIQ 7h7 hours ago


Kim Jong: I didn’t murder Otto Warmbier •45: I take him at his word


MBS: I didn’t murder Jamal Khashoggi •45: I take him at his wor


Putin: I didn’t hack the 2016 election •45: I take him at his word


17 US Intel Agencies: Kim, Putin, & MBS are all lying


45: Fake News!


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The Associated PressVerified account @AP


North Korea's foreign minister disputes President Trump's account of why the summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un collapsed.


He says the North demanded only partial sanctions relief in exchange for shuttering its main nuclear complex.

.....Ri Yong Ho’s comments during an abruptly scheduled news conference in Hanoi on Friday contradicted the explanation by Trump, who hours earlier told reporters that the North had demanded a full removal of sanctions in exchange for shuttering the Yongbyon nuclear facility.

Ri says the North was also ready to offer in writing a permanent halt of the country’s nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests and that Washington wasted an opportunity that “may not come again.”

He says the North’s position wouldn’t change

even if the United States offers to resume another round of dialogue........



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NPRVerified account @NPR 36m36 minutes ago


JUST IN: North Korea may be preparing to launch a missile or space rocket, based on satellite images shared exclusively with NPR.

The images are of a site known as Sanumdong — a facility where North Korea has assembled some of its intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and satellite-launching rockets.




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NBC NewsVerified account @NBCNews 14m14 minutes ago


North Korea is successfully evading UN sanctions with increasingly sophisticated methods,

enabling the regime to import more oil, expand coal exports, sell weapons and hack into foreign banks,

according to a report by a UN panel of experts.


The U.S. hopes economic pressure will persuade North Korea to give up its nukes and missiles. But a U.N. report shows Pyongyang keeps busting sanctions.


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North Korea Warns That Bolton and Pompeo Are Derailing Nuclear Talks



Choe, who attended the Feb. 27-28 talks in Hanoi, said Kim was puzzled by what she called the “eccentric” negotiation position of the U.S. She suggested that while Trump was more willing to talk, an atmosphere of hostility and mistrust was created by the uncompromising demands of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton. She said statements by senior Trump advisers since the summit have further worsened the climate.

“On our way back to the homeland, our chairman of the state affairs commission said, ‘For what reason do we have to make this train trip again?'” Choe told reporters. “I want to make it clear that the gangster-like stand of the U.S. will eventually put the situation in danger.”


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The AtlanticVerified account @TheAtlantic 4m4 minutes ago


"North Korea has resumed missile testing, disregarding both Trump’s wooing and his threats of 'fire and fury.'

It has taken the U.S. president’s measure—and found him weak and empty."

Trump's record of failure isn't just in business, argues @davidfrum:



"Trump Has Just One Trick—And It’s Not Working Anymore


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‘The Daily Show’ Finds No Difference Between Fox News And North Korea State TV

The similarities are uncanny.


The Comedy Central series posted a clip Monday morning comparing worshipful statements made about Kim Jong Un on North Korea State TV with obsequious comments made about Trump by the likes Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs and Jeanine Pirro ― host of shows on Fox News or the Fox Business Network.

Spoiler alert: The similarities between the hyperbolic statements are uncanny............





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