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Cinemascope's Sociopathic Spamming Thread

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It is indeed sad to look back at the golden age of the movie musical. However I would disagree that Fox productions could generally be compared with MGM musicals. Not that Fox did a bad job with their musicals, but I think for overall lavishness and polished productions, nobody ever rivaled MGM during the 30's and 40's. I don't know that they were necessarily the best musicals all around, but they more than amply showed why MGM was the "Rolls-Royce" of movie studios.

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I think I need some breathing space for a while, then maybe I'll come back (as if anyone really cares on these boards, but I appreciate your sentiments)


Keep smiling with the yellow one....(life's too short)

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I care that you feel the need to leave, even if only for a short time. I care when anyone feels they have either been run off directly or by the fultility of participating. The fact that only having been here five weeks and have already had your fill ought to tell some people something.


If we could only keep the fighting to one thread......


Check back in.



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I hope you got my P/M, my sent out folder says you did. Since it was a private matter, I immediately sent a P/M to Bronxgirl, mallkat, and SueSueApplegate, thinking they would realize I had been wrong. Obviously, they prefer a public apology.


I freely apologize for being totally wrong in naming all three of you in a previous, rather spiteful post. I hope forgiveness is possible.


Bronxgirl, if the arguments cause you alarm, I promise to attempt to avoid them at all costs. I have opened a new musical thread and would very much appreciate all three of you joining in on it.


Again, I'm truly sorry for being totally stupid, and doing what I did.



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Anne I am glad that you apologize for this in public, the sense I got from your PM is that you didn't regret it at all.


Something is seriously wrong if you think the best way to "set the example" of how to make a more cordial and friendly atmosphere in the bulletin board is by naming people in a fight thread who have absolutely stayed out of it at all times!


And I do admire you for recognizing the spiteful nature of your earlier post. There should be other ways to handle personal disagreements that won't affect others!

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Disagreements are just that. People disagree. This is something that

has been going on FER-EVER. I would enjoy having this thread

to return to the veneration and adoration of a great artist, Julie Andrews.

Or we could just shut down what has become an UNHAPPINESS

THREAD, and start up fresh with a new Julie Thread.

The disagreements could continue ad infinitum on the personal

messages level.

Can we simply return this thread back to the discussion of Julie

Andrews and disperse disagreements to the PM venue?

Returning the thread would entail: johnm_001 changing the

title, and Cinemascope and others agreeing to move the serious

disagreements to the personal messages arena.


Any comments?

I must leave now, but will return later this evening due to personal commitments.

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My only point of disagreement has been related to the issues and not necessarily to any one person. I think Julie Andrews may have been at best a mediocre artist who got a lucky break with a couple of hot properties which, regardless of their cast, would have turned out to be big hits. Yes I did think a bit more fondly of her in the past, but that was before her image was turned into the icon of an obsessed and possibly unhinged individual who think nothing of using filthy and vile language that degrades all women, and using it simply to note their unhappiness with a certain disagreement.

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To get back to musicals for a moment . . .


I heard that Into The Woods will possibly be made into a movie. I would LOVE for this to happen, as Into The Woods is one of my favorite Broadway musicals.


Does anyone know if this is true?

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Well it's quite clear to me the intent of johnm_001 in changing the topic thread into a personal attack is to simply make it nothing more than a personal attack... therefore I don't see any reason to continue any discussion here unless it's done by someone with the intention of keeping up a fight thread...


Shows you the kind of person this johnm_001 really is...

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The point is --- and really, for me and I suspect many - mrsl couldn't have said it better, what was it, 2 pages ago? Information, not expressing ourselves about other posters. But sometimes enough is "too much," as people laughed over in the Cartoons (or was it shorts?) thread.


None of these threads ever used to be Chat Rooms. That's what it usually has become when ANYONE posts over and over in the course of an hour or two.


There was this suggestion from CS 2 pages back:

these days it isn't very hard to get a new bulletin board started, you can even do it for free and you can make it password-protected so that nobody can post without your consent.


Assuming that "you" refers to people in general and wasn't specific to any one person, I think myself it would be marvellous if CS did follow that up. She could have her very own Classic Movies Chat Room with all of us who can't seem to play by her rules locked out.


Can't do smilies, but would here if possible. No matter what, this is my last post in this thread. I mean it, not like some who said they were leaving and then posted several more in conversation with CS.


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I have actually never read a confirmation that Julie was offered the part of Truly Scrumptious but that in fact, according to director Ken Hughes, "Madam" (Julie) simply wasn't available and she was out of the film's budget regardless. The film's producer, Cubby Broccoli, had seen Sally Ann in the 1966 TV version of BRIGADOON, and she was simply given the part. Sally Ann also confirmed on Rosie O'Donnell's show in 1998 that she was simply given the part. While Julie was certainly considered initially for the part, and certainly enquiries were made as to her price and availability, no offer was made when her price was too high and she was not even available for at least two years. Julie would have been wrong for that part anyhow. Sally Ann was perfect.

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