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Cinemascope's Sociopathic Spamming Thread

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Apart from The Sound of Music, I've always felt that there were similarities to Darling Lili, SOB (the movie within a movie sequence), and Victor/VIctoria,

not only in the art direction, but also in the lyric style of songs.

One of my favorite songs is " Le Jazz Hot " from V/V, and also "Whistling Away

the Dark" from Darling Lili.

What do you think?

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Well, musically, they're written by the same composer, Henry Mancini. I love all the songs, in both scores. I think Blake films "Whistling Away the Dark", from DL and "Crazy World", from V/V, in the same manner. Don't see S.O.B. (my favorite of Blake's comedies) in either of those two, though. Explain what you mean in more detail, if you can. Thanks.



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"Someday.." is so evocative of 20's pieces. Lovely, hopeful, yet peaceful

cadences...thanks for the link.

I saw Hay Fever with Judy Dench this summer in the UK.


DL is much like SOB in the first sequence of the movie within

a movie sequence - Julie alone on a stage with props,

then in the more updated SOB MWAM scenario, it sort of

parallels V/V in the second, more risque and avante garde.


Does that make any sense? :)

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