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Cinemascope's Sociopathic Spamming Thread


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In defense of Audrey Hepburn, she turned Jack Warner down, twice (as had Cary Grant and James Cagney), claiming that only Julie Andrews should do the role. She even went as far as having him over for dinner, to convince him. It was only after he insisted that JA would never be in his film, and that if she declined, he would go with either Elizabeth Taylor or Shirley Jones, that she accepted the role. She tries very hard; but she lacks the talent for the role, and she's hurt by Cukor's awful direction of her. Rex and Holloway didn't need direction and they are better for it.

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Well if it comes down to talent as well as charm, the there's no question Audrey Hepburn was 1,000 times better than Julie Andrews could have been.


But why should JA fans be unhappy? She did a decent job with Mary Poppins and even got the Oscar for it :)

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MFL was considered the Greatest-Musical-Of-All- Time, so naturally had to run the table. Sadly, it WAS the greatest musical of all-time, till Jack Warner, George Cukor, and Audrey Hepburn snuffed all the cinematic life out of it.


Well, of course! MFL doesn't even begin to compare to MARY POPPINS, nominated for 13 Oscars, by the way, as a cinematic achievement. It's not even a good filming of the stage play. But it really doesn't matter. MARY POPPINS was the big hit of 1964, and is an enduring classic that finds a new audience, every year. MY FAIR LADY, unfortunately, is just a musical film from 1964. The original Broadway cast recording, remains a best seller 51 years later.

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And that is why people who want to hear the Broadway recording can buy the CD, while those who like the movie can watch the delightful Audrey Hepburn in the lovely film version.


Mary Poppins is OK for family fare, but not everyone who likes musicals wants to see a children's movie.

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Who's unhappy? I've said, repeatedly, that I'm glad she isn't in that horrible film. I'm unhappy they made a lousy film of my favorite musical, not that JA isn't in it.


Yes, just as I've said repeatedly that I'm glad she didn't ruin the wonderful movie adaptation. And only unhappy that she turned out to be a one-trick pony as far as the movies were concerned.

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Well, since the OP has changed the title thread, I guess it is OK to discuss something *other* than JA for a change....


And yes, it's a great musical, the songs are very catchy and if done right the production can be quite colorful.


Here is the first song, I really like this one!


Staying home, living day by day

May be safe, but it can't be duller.

Seeing things only black and grey

When the world is alive with color!

Doing just as your neighbors do

May be wise, but it ain't so clever.

Every man has a dream or two?

Let them go and they're gone forever!


Out there somewhere, just out of sight

There's a world that's blazing with light!

Ain't each man alive got the right

To stray just a mite from the straight and narrow,

Shoot through the night like a flaming arrow?


Turning back should the highway bend,

Turning down every chance you're given,

Takes the risk out of life but friend,

How the hell can you call that living?

Staying put in a pumpkin shell

Is a bleak and depressing habit.

There's a ring on a carousel

And its yours if you'll only grab it!


Out there somewhere, just down the line,

Lies a world of glory and shine!

One square foot there's gotta be mine!

Once in his life every man decides,

Once when he stands where the road divides,

Once on a hill as the morning grows,

Once, if he will, he can see those


Fires glow, Flags streaming,

Spires grow, Towers gleaming!

In a land where the dawn is clear,

In a sky where the sun's forever,

On a plain where it's spring all year,

And the dark of the night comes never,


Somewhere out there, just out of sight,

There's a world that's blazing with light!

Ain't each man alive got the right,


Once in his life to forget the past,

Once in his life to behold at last

With his own two eyes, what lies out there!

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Yes. 1974 Special, JULIE AND JACKIE: HOW SWEET IT IS. She was living in Switzerland, and would only fly to London, where her family could be with other family, to tape the special. Jackie was terrified to fly. He only ever travelled on ground or water; but flew to London, because he always wanted to work with her. They did a lot of his bits, THE HONEYMOONERS, JOE THE BARTENDER (she was Eliza coming in to the bar). It was fun, but a distant memory at this point. Jack Benny flew Julie and her husband Tony, to LA so she could appear on his show. They left England, for LA, the day after they married, and spent their honeymoon in California. Back when Broadway stars were well-known to television audiences.

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