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2018 TCM Festival Suggestions

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Thinking that it's never too early, there are lots of opportunities for anniversary screenings from 1938, 48, 58, 68, and even 78.  Herewith are my suggestions for next year’s (2018) festival. Naturally, I don’t expect all – or even most -- of these things due to star availability and program budgets, but I would like to see some of them. 


Key recommendation for 2018:  return to the opening night musical.

 **Recommended noir films in bold and italics


Possible Festival theme:  Action – Adventure !


From 1938: Adventures of Robin Hood, Angels with Dirty Faces.  Other possible candidates for 1938:  Boys Town, Test Pilot, You Can’t Take It With You,

Dawn Patrol (war film, Alex Trebek intro ?)  


From 1948The Red Shoes (good art film; doesn't fit precisely with the theme, but it is an important anniversary film), Red River – breakout role for Montgomery Clift; possible noirs: Key Largo; Sorry, Wrong Number


From 1958Possible Opening NightSouth Pacific. Anniversary screening with Mitzi Gaynor at Grauman's (yes, I know it was done earlier at the Roosevelt pool), Or, Gigi (possible return of Leslie Caron ?).


The Young Lions, excellent 1958 war film starring Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, and Dean Martin (introduced by Alex Trebek?). Leonard Maltin gave this film ***1/2 stars in his book.  


From 1968:  a major year in film that can’t be overlooked and needs to be recognized at the TCM on this major anniversary of the following films:


Possible Opening Night:  Funny Girl – if TCM can get Streisand and do a special retrospective for her.  Alternate: Camelot (1967) -be nice to have Vanessa Redgrave in attendance and perhaps do a film tribute/retrospective on the Redgrave family.


Other major anniversary features:


***Bullitt – with Jacqueline Bisset and Chad McQueen in attendance. [And Yes !! -- a bottle green 1967 Ford mustang similar to the one driven by McQueen MUST be parked near the venue for passers-by to admire].  Bisset possible candidate for hand/footprint. 


Once Upon a Time in the West – with Claudia Cardinale in attendance.  Good for Friday or Saturday night presentation.  Perhaps Peter Fonda could return to the festival again for commentary on his dad.  Cardinale possible candidate for hand/footprint.


The Producers – since everyone is talking about Adolf you-know-who these days (Mel Brooks in attendance) 


2001 A Space Odyssey – Yes I know it’s been shown before at the TCM festival, but this year (2018) merits a showing with Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood in attendance.


Since TCM jumped the gun on Planet of the Apes (showing it this year rather than its anniversary (1968/2018), perhaps they can get Genevieve Boujold to into Anne of the Thousand Days (prefer 2019 anniversary, but will take 2018 if she's available). 


1978Possible Opening Night: Grease (John Travolta and/or Olivia Newton-John in attendance ?)


The Deer Hunter (Christopher Walken in attendance ?), Heaven Can Wait (possible Warren Beatty return?)  

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Certainly some good ideas, cinecrazydc!


Unfortunately, I doubt very seriously if "Funny Girl" would be considered for an opening night film again for the TCMFF. On Thursday, April 25, 2013, "Funny Girl" was the opening night film. Cher and Robert Osborne did the presentation of the film. As I understood it, Barbra Streisand had initially agreed to be in attendance, but later on she was named the recipient of the Chaplin Award by the Lincoln Center Film Society, and decided instead to travel to New York to receive the prize which was awarded to her by President Bill Clinton on April 22, 2013.

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Some ideas I've had include:


"Same Time Next Year": possible guests-Ellen Burstyn and Alan Alda (I recommend Burstyn's emotional and in-depth autobiography.)


1958's "Teacher's Pet"

1948's "Sitting Pretty"

1938's "Holiday," and a few animated features: "Merbabies", "Krazy Kat"


(But I haven't checked previous screenings.)


FYI: "Grease," "Superman," and "Animal House" were the top 3 grossing films of 1978.


Other notable films from 1978 include "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," "An Unmarried Woman," "Heaven Can Wait," "Autumn Sonata," "Death On The Nile," "Coming Home," "The Stud," "Coma," and "The Boys In Company C."


I think that later films from the 70s are more likely to be considered for opening night films so that actual actors or directors of those films can be present for the screening on Thursday.



There are many great films I'm considering from the classic decades of American and foreign film.

But I'm still thinking. Any other ideas?

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Yes, let's hear it for Teacher's Pet  A wonderful choice SueSue!  They could invite the fantastic

Mamie Van Doren to introduce and reminisce.  A dream pairing!  As long as I'm dreaming, I'll share

a few more I'd love to see.  In no particular order...


Night of the Iguana        Sue Lyon


A Summer Place           Dodd Darin


Come Back, Little Sheba    Terry Moore


All This, and Heaven, too     June Lockhart


The Carpetbaggers    Carroll Baker


The Best of Everything    Diane Baker


The Exorcist    Ellen Burstyn       (So right about her book, SueSue!)


The Bad Seed   Patty McCormack


Splendor in the Grass     Natasha Wagner


Elephant Walk     ???



I don't know who might appear with Elephant Walk!  Any suggestions?  I would just love seeing

that one on the BIG SCREEN!


I'll end my wish list with Valley of the Dolls!    Paging Barbara Parkins!!!   Pick up the pink Princess





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Just saw Don Murray (Bus Stop, Advise and Consent, etc.) with film historian Foster Hirsch at a screening of A Hatful of Rain at AFI Silver in Maryland.   


He did a great job discussing his experiences working with Marilyn Monroe and directors like Fred Zinnemann.


He's now 88.  Need to snag him for the next festival !!!



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The guys and gals at TCM must be mind readers.  I saw the most recent festival news and noticed that they will be showing WINDJAMMER: THE VOYAGE OF CHRISTIAN RADICH (1958) at the Cinerama Dome.  I had purchased the DVD for this film a year or so ago and thought it would be a great choice for this year's festival as it would be an anniversary screening.  Lo and Behold !!  Producer Louis De Rochement was perhaps more noted for his noirs and espionage thrillers (13 Rue de Madeline with James Cagney; Boomerang with Dana Andrews; Walk East on Beacon and The House on 92nd Street (Lloyd Nolan and Leo G. Carroll)) but was also known for his Cinerama spectaculars, including Windjammer and Cinerama Holiday (which is basically a fantastic trip around the world, involving history, culture, and music).  Good choice, TCM.  Like I said, you guys read my mind !! 

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Cinecrazydc, I'm also excited that we'll have a chance to see Windjammer! So happy you are thrilled with this gem, too!


“This visually stunning film, the only film ever shot in the widescreen Cinemiracle process, captures the voyage of the ship Christian Radich across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea with stops at exotic ports of call.”




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“Turner Classic Movies is proud to honor our late host, Robert Osborne, with the creation of the Robert Osborne Award. This annual award will be presented at the TCM Classic Film Festival to an individual whose work has helped keep the cultural heritage of classic films alive and thriving for generations to come. Osborne served as the host of Turner Classic Movies for 23 years, and his passion for film and wealth of knowledge as a film historian helped preserve the legacy of classic film. For the inaugural award, TCM will celebrate world-renowned filmmaker director Martin Scorsese and his longtime dedication to preserving and protecting motion picture history at the ninth annual Festival. This presentation will be made as part of the official Opening Night Gala at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX.”


This is from the latest link added on the programs website for the festival: http://filmfestival.tcm.com/the-robert-osborne-award/

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