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Wuthering Heights (1939)


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Without all the background strings and other music, it might have been a more powerful film! I hadn't seen it in so long that I had forgotten about all that! Sometimes the music nearly covered what they were saying!


But it was good to see again!

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That Cathy was a real *female dog* to poor Heathcliffe, wasn't she??? Jeez!!!


But I guess that's true love; you take it and take it...


As a victim myself of star-crossing, I adore all these "doomed romance" films (GWTW, etc.), but nothing -- not even this -- holds a candle to "Brokeback"...

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> I've seen the movie twice now and never thought to

> read the book. the movie was so mawkish and whiney,

> nothing in it moved me to read the book. Toward the

> end, I kept talking to the TV saying "die already

> so we can get to the hour and watch something

> else." It was almost as bad as "Love means

> never having to say you're sorry".


I'll say the same thing I once said about another 1939 movie, Dark Victory, in another forum: This movie screams "chick flick", and won't shut the hell up!


> Maybe I'll read the book and hope for a better

> ending.


Wait for the musical version, when Cathy survives, and Heathcliff, Cathy, Edgar, and Isabella get up at the end and do a Busby Berkely dance number. :-)

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I must admit that until I watched it last year, I never really got into this film. But after seeing and becoming smittem with TCM's fabulous promo for it, I decided to watch the actual film again. I guess for some of us, you just have to be in the right frame of mind to feel its impact. "To love is to endure!" ;) I wish it'd be released on DVD along with the promo piece produced by TCM.


Juli :)

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Thank you all for not teasing me about my triple post a few days ago. From all indications, it didn't go through. So I kept trying. Didn't realize it actually did register, only I didn't see it. Or something like that. Next time I'll take a deep breath and wait.


A pleasure corresponding with you all. (You do see this. Right?)


Red River

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