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Calamity Jane

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Odd that you bring up this film. I haven't seen it, in about 40 years, and I just realized that it's part of the Doris box set of DVDs that I have! I'm going to watch it, tomorrow! I'll get back to you. I'm not such a fan of Keel's; but he's great in a couple of things (KISMET and SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS). So, I'll keep an open mind!

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One of my faves.


I even love the outside "Harry" number.

Doris Day was a phenomena in this. Her bar set on the "WIndy City"

was great.


One of my all-time faves was Howard Keel singing to Katie's portrait-

"My Love is Higher Than a Hawk" I used to sing this to my son

as a lullaby before he went to see the sandman...


The man who played Francis Fryer, his name escapes me,

was so entertaining...but he came to a tragic end.


"Lost My Heart in the Black Hills" is an easy sing-a-long.


I wish Robert Osborne had interviewed Doris about the making of this movie.

It completely showcases all her acting, singing, and dancing talents.


The gal who played Katie I believe went on to act in The Thorn Birds,

and was Mrs. Luebner on the Tony Randall show. She also played

the crazy woman in Jeremiah Johnson. (Allyn Anne McClerie? sp?)

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I don't have a clear favorite. I'm still waiting to screen the movies in the set, plus one that I TiVo'd from the FMC (Little Old New York).


At this time, what I'd like to see most is The Gang's All Here but properly restored to its original Technicolor beauty!

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I enjoyed seeing this again, after so much time. I was surprised at how familiar and enjoyable the music was to me. Not just the big hit song; but all the tunes. Doris Day was robbed of two major musical film roles, Nellie Forbush in SOUTH PACIFIC and Annie Oakley in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN. This film just drives home how great she would have been in the latter. The whole thing is preposterous, but the wonderful cast keeps things interesting and fun. The DVD looks wonderful, too!

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South Pacific might have had a lot more pizzazz with Doris Day starring. Was she really considered for Annie Get Your Gun? It's been a while since I read the story about that, just remember that Judy Garland had already filmed some numbers before she was replaced.

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I do see the Anne Hathaway/Allyn Anne McClerie resemblance.


Johnm, I know that you're not a big Howard fan, but I hope you enjoyed CJ.


Maybe if Doris had been Annie, there might not have been a Calamity Jane.

Also, maybe Judy didn't feel right for Annie from the start. Any info, anyone?


But I feel Annie Get Your Gun was a great Betty Hutton showcase, and

her interview with Robert Osborne has always been a favorite of mine

since it aired.


But CJ had so many of the great character actors from the period: Dick Wesson,

Paul Harvey, Chubby Johnson, Forrest Taylor..


Miss Day has cited Calamity Jane as one of her personal favorites.

She also lowered her register after seeing the dailies when she was

costumed in buckskins and realized that her speaking voice was too

soft and feminine.

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Well, Judy had already started filming, and were it not for her personal problems, would probably have finished the movie. Have you seen her rendition of "I'm an Indian Too" that's included in That's Entertainment! III?


Breaks my heart to think how badly she must have been doing at the time...

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I thought Howard Keel was just swell in CJ.


Jack Warner was approached about using DD in AGYG, even before Judy Garland was on board to do it. He declined to loan her, because MGM wasn't offering enough money to cover her salary and for him to make a profit off the loan and make it worth his while. DD was very busy at Warner's, at the time AGYG was being made. You're right about there not probably not being a CJ, if she had made it. Although AGYG has the better score, overall, I really like the songs in CJ, and I prefer it as a film to AGYG. I never liked Betty Hutton, but I did enjoy her interview with RO, a lot!

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Ally Anne McClerie has also appeared in The Way We Were,,

but her last acting appearing was in the early nineties.


"A Woman's Touch" and "Keep it Under Your Hat" were also songs she

sang that I thought were enjoyable.


Anyone have any more info. on Miss McCLerie?


I hear Miss Day is only concerning herself with her animal/pet fund

organizations, and has had a difficult time since her son died.

I wish her well. I know there are many folks who may not particularly

care for her acting abilities or songs, but the CJ thread is an homage

to her talents.

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