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For Obscure DVDs, a Precarious Future


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Published: March 4, 2007


AMONG the glories of the rising tide of DVD sales was the wave of discs that revived lost or overlooked works by filmmakers like David Lynch, Werner Herzog, Dario Argento, Jess Franco and Takashi Miike. Now some of the companies that brought those movies into homes are getting pulled under and may take future releases down with them.


Full story at:


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C, thanks. I don't think "enjoy" is the word I'd use as I read it's very useful content. But at least I get a few more names to write to and send my DVD-Wants list!


I have been scouring the South Pacific for Joe's Volcano, hoping that, by sacrificing a few hundred politicians and lobbyists, the DVD Production Gods would be appeased and would be more likely to start putting out the DVDs on my Wants List.


If you run across an article that maps out that volcano, I hope you'll post it! I'm almost certain that every nation on this planet would gladly donate at least a few hundred of their politicians and lobbyists to such a worthy cause.

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> Full story at:

> http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/04/movies/homevideo/04r

> ees.html?ref=movies


Whoa. Thanks Cinemascope for sharing that article - it's sadly illuminating! Now I have a better understanding about the limited selection of DVDs in stores near me lately. I'm one of those people the article mentions, who's been forced to shop online for almost every DVD I want to buy.


I never see catalogue titles/classics out on release date anymore...often not even for months afterwards. Then maybe a few copies trickle in. The stores that are able to order things in for you, always charge full price of course - another reason to order online to get a bit of a discount while it's new.


It's such a shame, as the article mentions, that the loss of impulse buying, hurts DVD sales. Something interesting catching my eye while browsing in a store...doesn't happen much anymore. I go through Amazon's upcoming release lists and so on, but online browsing is somehow less fun, more work!


It worries me that many people aren't proactive about seeking things out, don't learn about new releases online and just go by what they see in their local stores. They're missing out on a lot of great movies! I'm sure this affects sales and sends a terrible message to the studios - that classic or obscure movies don't sell well on DVD, that there's not enough interest, it's a niche market, etc. Which might explain how long it's taking for certain titles to be released. If they ever will be. :(

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