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~Zodiac~ is first rate and a nice chance for some time-travel.

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[nobr]Fincher's directing is very nicely done, and the acting is good (particularly, Edwards, Cox, Lynch and Sevigney), but what really stood out for me and made the 158m run time too short for me was the production design of Burt and the cinematography of Savides, which really placed me comfortably back in the San Francisco of the late-60's/70's in which I spent much of my life then.[/nobr]


They both deserve Oscar nominations, respectively. Amazing - the retro, 'film' look that Savides and Fincher were able to achieve with this Viper digital video system which I understand they used to film the entire film with (apparently the first all-film use of the system).


Learning now that Fincher is a native of Marin County explains his attention to capturing the wonderful time-travelled look for the CityByTheBay.


It was interesting to see the Embarcadero Freeway again.



Unfortunately, Ruffalo and Gyllenhaal are competent, but failed to grab me as the leads. That was disappointing casting, for me.


The film is an intriguing examination of the investigation, reporting and researching of the Zodiac slayings versus a glamourising of the serial killer's actions.


Although, that said, there are nevertheless two extremely effective and, subsequently very disquieting, murder sequences in the film, which, although are not with excessive gore, are nonetheless quite frightening (probably more so due to the lack of gore). So be forewarned.


And there is a real nicely done, very suspenseful yet non-violent, fly-in-the-spider's-web sequence.


And the film puts a creepy connotation to the tune, 'Hurdy Gurdy Man' by Donovan, incidentally.


The film had m'Lady pretty spooked out when we got home, and it was all-the-lights-on, and loud and cheery Johnny Mercer tunes on the stereo, that evening!

Didn't mind that my self. :D




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[nobr]Yeah, see what you think. Hope you like it.[/nobr]


Tried not to spoil anything, and only reference what one could expect from the film, anyway - no plot specifics spoilt.


I hope.




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I remember when I was younger and the story was playing out in the papers here in the Southwest and Pacific West.


I've always been fascinated by the case.

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Okay lzcutter:


Fill us over on the other side of the nation in on the Zodiac killer. I vaguely recall short news messages, but again, those were my diaper and feeding schedule days. Was he a rapist? or a non-patterned guy? I know there was a movie already made about him, but I never watched it.



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The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who operated in Northern California for ten months in the late 1960s. He coined his name in a series of taunting letters he sent to the press until 1974. His letters included four cryptograms, three of which have yet to be solved.


The Zodiac murdered five known victims in Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa, and San Francisco between December 1968 and October 1969. Four men and three women between the ages of 16 and 29 were targeted. No connections between them have ever been discovered. They appear to have been victims of opportunity, nothing more. While it is often claimed that the Zodiac knew his victims, there has never been credible evidence to suggest this was true. Numerous others have been thought to be Zodiac victims, but the evidence is scant at best.


The killer's identity remains unknown. The San Francisco Police Department marked its investigation "inactive" in April 2004 and reopened it some time before March 2007. The case remains open in other jurisdictions as well.



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[nobr]Also a good link - very comprehensive:[/nobr]



And, an interesting review of the film, there at the CrimeLibrary:



The intriguing puzzle of The Zodiac is very much akin to that of The Ripper in that they are both unsolved, yet point to an apparent, potentially-likely though not-unequivocally-substantiated suspect.


And don't let's forget the advanced connexion between The Zodiac and The Unabomber.




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