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What's your favorite Alec Guinness role?

The Clive Kussler book, "Raise The Titanic" spawned a movie with

David Selby and Jason Robards.


A small character role with big emotional impact in that movie was Alec

Guinness' part of the man who was a cabin boy. "Raise the Titanic" was not

a critical success in some arenas, but I felt that Guiness' part elevated

the mystery factor in this film.


Does anyone else have a favorite Alec Guiness movie role?

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There are almost too many to mention.


Prince Faisal in Lawrence of Arabia comes immediately to mind, as does the elder Obi-Wan Kenobi in episodes 4-6 of the Star Wars saga. Ewan McGregor did a good job of channeling Guinness in episodes 1-3.


Tunes of Glory is probably a very underrated movie with top-notch performances by both Guinness and John Mills, both cast against type.


Guinness could be quite compelling even in arguably flawed movies like Our Man in Havana and The Swan.


Of course his flashiest roles would have to be the eight characters he played in Kind Hearts and Coronets.

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It should also be fun with all the other cast members...


Eileen Brennan ... Tess Skeffington

Truman Capote ... Lionel Twain

James Coco ... Inspector Milo Perrier


Peter Falk ... Sam Diamond


Alec Guinness ... Jamesir Bensonmum


Elsa Lanchester ... Miss Jessica Marbles


David Niven ... Dick Charleston


Peter Sellers ... Inspector Sidney Wang


Maggie Smith ... Mrs. Dora Charleston

Nancy Walker ... Yetta the Maid

Estelle Winwood ... Miss Withers


James Cromwell ... Marcel Cassette


Richard Narita ... Willie Wang

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I posted the Alec thread because his body of work, his "films" per se,

seemed like it belonged here because many of the filmmakers he

worked with had a more international background. If the TCM Web

Administrators feel that this thread should be moved, please

email me and let me know how and where to properly post this

thread. Even though this thread has been in existence for awhile,

there has only been one complaint.


Have any Alec Guiness fans read his autobiographies? I have found

them entertaining, informative, and self-deprecating. He humbles

himself, yet elevates his profession, both on film and stage.

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Ah, nothing like a little name-calling to establish your credentials as someone of good will.


And not that I'd expect you to be intelligent enough to understand this, but it just might be that the thread would reach a lot more people if it was in the right section. Someone who likes Alec Guinness and wants to contribute might not frequent this particular forum over lack of interest about "films and filmmakers".

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