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[b]Bob Hope[/b] :)

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Anyone a fan (besides me and BobHopeFan1940)? :)


I see My Favorite Brunette is currently airing on TCM (I've always wished it could be restored---the print quality is rather poor) and that, along with The Ghost Breakers, The Lemon Drop Kid, The Princess and the Pirate, and Bachelor in Paradise are among my favorites by this happy man. He brought so much joy into the world, and seemed to enjoy a relatively pleasant life---a long pleasant life.




An American legend, Bob Hope was actually born Leslie Townes Hope on May 29, 1903 in London, England. He was the 5th of seven sons.


One of his first "performances": Imitating Charlie Chaplin in front of a Cleveland, OH firehouse in 1909.


One of Bob's occupations as a youth in Cleveland was as pool hustler. :0


Another odd job was a brief stint as an amateur boxer, under the name "Packy East". Bob gave up boxing when he was "not only carried out of the ring but into the ring."


When Bob finally made it to Broadway, it was in some of the biggest hits of the 1930s including: Roberta, Ziegield Follies with Fanny Brice and Red Hot and Blue with Jimmy Durante. The latter show led to his first picture, The Big Broadcast of 1938.


It was when Bob appeared on the "Capital Family Hour" radio show that he made his first, fateful appearance with Bing Crosby. :)


Bob introduced two Academy Award-winning songs: "Thanks for the Memory" with Shirley Ross in The Big Broadcast of 1938, and "Buttons and Bowes" from The Paleface (1948).


Paramount planned the first "Road" picture, The Road to Mandalay (later changed to The Road to Singapore) not with Bob, Bing & Dot but as a vehicle for George Burns and Gracie Allen. Because Burns and Allen were unavailable, Paramount tapped Fred MacMurray and Jack Oakie and only because they also were overbooked, did the classic trio sign on.


Although Bob appeared in an early television program for an experimental CBS station in as early as 1932, it was not until 1950 that Bob did his first of many specials. His first guests: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Beatrice Lillie and Dinah Shore. It began a 60-year relationship with his network, NBC.


Bob's first "entertaining the troops" appearance would be in 1941 and would take him through various combat theaters in World War II, Vietnam, Beirut and the Persian Gulf. In 1997 in New Orleans, he and his wife were present as a naval ship was christened USNS Bob Hope (AKR 300), the first of a new class of ships; the Air Force followed by naming a new C-17 the "Spirit of Bob Hope".


Besides numerous awards and accollades in the U.S., in 1998 Bob received from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II an honorary knighthood: Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (KBE).


Bob Hope is listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the world's most honored entertainer with more than 2,000 awards and citations for humanitarian and professional efforts, including 54 honorary doctorates.

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[nobr]Bob Hope :) [/nobr]




[nobr]Well, well... I owe you one for this, Miss G. Boy, do I love this man. You know, when I list my favorite actors - Mr. Hope is always mysteriously absent and that is for a reason. I just don't think of Hope when I think of actors, he is so much more to me. [/nobr]


[nobr]He was really my first love of classic movies, I first saw him in Road To Utopia with Mr. Crosby ;) I watched the movie (I had no idea who either of them were, but had heard their names) because I was curious about Bing. Then when I watched it, I thought Who is that adorable guy with the dark hair? That's Bob Hope?! I had heard my parents talk of him alot... :) [/nobr]


[nobr]Next, I set out to buy every Hope movie... At least made before 1953 ;) My favorite ended up being Hope in The Ghostbreakers which is still his best movie to me. My favorite Road picture would have to be either Road To Morocco or the fabulous and much underrated Road To Rio (hilarious!). You have to give it up for Mr. Hope! [/nobr]


[nobr]Fave pic of Hope:[/nobr]



[nobr]I always thought he had a wonderful voice, especially if you just listen to the original recording of "Road To Morocco"... Bing's fab, of course; but Hope rivals him in that song. My favorite song from Hope comes in the form of "Capt. Custard" of Road To Singapore. Hope is adorable in that performance... Also very adorable when he sang the piper song in Road To Singapore, when he smiles and makes faces at Lamour. I actually love seeing Hope in technicolor not only in the wonderful Princess And The Pirate, but also Road To Bali.[/nobr]




[nobr]And how can anyone forget what he did for our troops? ... If we only had someone like Hope today. We certainly lost someone special in '03, there's no doubt.[/nobr]




[nobr]I love this man, what more can I say? Thanks for the fab thread! :):):) [/nobr]

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> Bob Hope was hilarious but I'm a fan more of his

> radio work and his early TV work.

> To listen to him improvise in those radio shows was

> often much better than the script.


I'd love to listen to some of his radio shows and I can just imagine how quick he was. I like the little short they air on TCM sometimes, with Lana holding up a sizzling steak to the microphone so the boys overseas can hear. :)

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My pleasure, BHF! (great pix!) And I do mean it was a pleasure. I just started reading a little about his life and was so impressed at all the territory he covered (literally and professionally) and I thought he deserved a thread a thread all his own. :)


What impresses me the most is the feeling of joie de vivre he exudes, a genuine sense of life and I think that's why he lived so long. Sometimes, it seems only mean people hang around forever, but he (and George Burns) proved that wrong. ;)


I love the Road pictures, too, and my favorite is actually The Road to Utopia, though the first one, The Road to Singapore, holds a special fondness for me.


I will always try to stop what I'm doing if a Bob Hope movie comes on TCM, because it's worth it share a laugh or two with him.


Thanks for the memories, Bob!

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What I nice thread! :)


I have not seen that many Bob Hope films, I must confess...chiefly because I cannot STAND Bing Crosby. There is something about Bing Crosby that is creepy to me.


But anyway, I really came in here for advice. What are the best NON-Bing Crosby Bob Hope films?


I'd really like to give them a try.


Thanks for any advice.

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> But anyway, I really came in here for advice. What

> are the best NON-Bing Crosby Bob Hope films?


> I'd really like to give them a try.


> Thanks for any advice.


Hi Pktrekgirl!


I think the ones that keep popping up on "best of" or "Favorite" lists include the following (and I certainly recommend them as being among his funniest and sunniest :) ):


The Ghostbreakers

The Lemon Drop Kid

My Favorite Brunette

The Princes and the Pirate

Monsieur Beaucaire

The Paleface

Fancy Pants (especially if you like Lucy, too) :)


And for something a little more straigtforward, but still very entertaining, try The Seven Little Foys.


Bobhopefan1940 will doubtless have others to add but I think you can't go wrong with any of these! Happy you to have so much laughter to look foward to! :)


Miss G

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PK & CS: I felt the same way about Bing in the beginning, I mean that I was a bit puzzled at his appeal. However, I don't know if it was because I became so enamoured of Sinatra that I decided to check out other similar entertainers, or if I just began to fall in love with his voice, but my admiration for his talents has definitely expanded. In fact, I still have that book which came out recently about his early year on my "must read" list.


But his movies were an acquired taste---which I have acquired! ;)


Miss G

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Thank you for your positive look on it, and you're absolutely right, I absolutely want to properly appreciate all performers from the Golden Era.


I'll be watching more Bing and Alice Faye movies in the near future because their appeal apparently continues to elude me slightly, I must sheepishly confess :(

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I agree, Pktrekgirl. I never did like Bing, and could NOT see his appeal to the ladies when Bob was around, but I did appreciate that Bob held his own in the Road pictures and that was none of the awful putdowns that were so rampant in the Stooges, L&H or A&C pictures. I thought Bob was infinitely sexier, smoother and far more clever than Bing, who always gave me the heebie jeebies.


THEN I read what his sons had to say about him and was gratified that my instincts were correct.


As to Bob, if My Favorite Brunette is the movie where he is the baby photographer, MissGoddess, that movie is a standalone wonderful movie, period. I consider it one of my favorite film noir (it is a film noir, isn't it?) movies, alongside Murder My Sweet. Alan Ladd's cameo alone is worth the price of admission.

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Miss G, I don't see any mention here of "The Facts of Life," so I'll mention it.


It's the one with Lucille Ball where they are prosperous suburbanites married to others who spend some time alone together and fall in love. Although essentially a comedy, it's more of a straight acting role, and Hope does it very well. He tones down his manic side (the side shown in most of his other films), and gives a pretty good portrayal of a man having a mild kind of midlife crisis.


I always enjoyed his performances, some more than others, but when I saw him in this movie, I felt more respect for him as an actor, not just a comic personality. I think the fact that he had such a long professional and personal (not amorous, that we know of) relationship with Ball added to an excellent screen chemistry.

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> Thank you for your positive look on it, and you're

> absolutely right, I absolutely want to properly

> appreciate all performers from the Golden Era.


> I'll be watching more Bing and Alice Faye movies in

> the near future because their appeal apparently

> continues to elude me slightly, I must sheepishly

> confess :(


I'm still a bit cool on Faye myself, but you just never know who you'll end up liking, I always say!

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Yes, Stoney----My Favorite Brunette is the one where he's a baby photographer who gets unwittingly caught up in all kinds of dark shenannigans! Great film which badly needs restoration.


Miss G

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I agree about The Facts of Life. :) I didn't mention any of his later films just because I thought Pktrekgirl might enjoy seeing his earlier work first, and then, could venture into the later films for comparison. I also like Bachelor in Paradise tremendously, though many find it a poor film. But I always thought he and Lana had such chemistry, funny and sexy, together. I wish they had done more films as a pair.


Miss G

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Oh...I'm not sad about not liking Bing Crosby. I mean, there are always gonna be actors/actresses who are not your favorites...and in my case, it's just a matter of Bing topping my list. It's not big deal, because there are tons of films out there that are Bingless. I just don't care for him so I work around him for the most part...just as someone else might work around one of my favorites they didn't care for.


I don't begrudge anyone else liking him or anything. But me? He just doesn't float my canoe. *lol* ;)

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