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Randolph Scott


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"I go to Twin Lakes and Bridgeport every year to fish (the place where Out of The Past is set), and thus I go to Lone Pine a lot."


Ditto that! Been camping on Robinson Creek next to Lower Twin since I was a five-year-old. :) Bridgeport is one of my favorite places in the world. (Now if only the bakery would open back up, life would be perfect.)


The Lone Pine Museum is well worth a visit, as is a visit out to the "movie rocks." We picked out the locations for RAWHIDE, YELLOW SKY, and other films using maps and a book on Lone Pine. There's a great plaque out on Movie Road which was dedicated by Roy Rogers.

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You?ll never believe this but I found a Scott Western in a bin at a Dollar Tree Store for $1.00. It?s Rage at Dawn from 1955. The studio releasing it isn?t on it but Nat Holt, who went on to do Dale Robertson?s TV show Tales of Wells Fargo is the producer. It?s technically not a Western as it takes place in 1866 Southern Indiana-east of the mighty Mississippi-but looks like one. It?s about the Reno gang who supposedly were the first train robbers. There are a whole lot of usual suspects in it-Forrest Tucker, J. Carrol Naish, Edger Buchanan, Denver Pyle, Ray Teal, Myron Healy and Trevor Bardette-as well as Mala Powers. It?s not even 90 minutes log but has plenty of story packed into what it has. It?s in color even if it?s uneven but, hey, for the price how can you complain? If you can get a better copy or it turns up on Encore, THIS, or other station, catch it. It?s a bit different even if our man Scott is an undercover lawman again. How lucky can a girl get?

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I am a huge, huge fan of the Boetticher Westerns with Scott and writer Burt Kennedy. *From 7 Men From Now* to *Comanche Station*, the films are an evolution (exception: *The Tall T*). Overall, however, great writing and great cinematography.

I believe Scott's series in this span, including *Ride The High Country*, is better than those of The Duke. Loved Wayne in his John Ford films, and even *Cowboys* and *The Shootist*. But Scott's films in this span are terrific.

One Scott Western you should see, however, is *Coroner Creek*, a sort of Western film noir.

Scott is tremendous in the role of a man searching for his fiancee's killer. And George Macready is superb as the villain ...

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TCM just treated us to The Stranger Wore a Gun. If we'd only had 3-D glasses to catch all those bullets and other stuff being thrown at us!


Also, it was nice that the "fancy woman" with a heart of gold ended up with the hero-rather than the sweet but simpering "good girl"- instead of nobly dying in his arms . And, hey, she was actually battling bad guy Ernie Borgnine instead of just standing by like a statue. Wow! Thanks, Claire, for giving us girls something to shout about. Yehaw!

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I can't beat your one dollar catch, but I just purchased a three set for a good price. One of those where you can tell by the package it's going to be a flawless copy. I love that! COLT .45 is not too good, TALL MAN RIDING quite intelligent, haven't watched FORT WORTH yet. I'm not a collector of videos. But when the price is low enough, you have nothing to lose.

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