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Am I just howling at the moon?

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[nobr]This was the first time I had been given an opportunity to see some of the 'Lone Wolf' series of films, and, as I expected - they were a lot of fun. As the gal from the bronx said - very enjoyable.[/nobr]


Such a treat for TCM to air the ones they did.


But (not to look a gift horse in the mouth as the saying goes) if do-able, I can't understand why all the available films of an enjoyable series can't be shown either in a nice block of them, or periodically in groups but more regularly?


Personally, am not much interested in any of the silent-era films featuring the 'Michael Lanyard' character which starred either Henry B. Walthall:


. . . or Jack Holt:



But would love to see Columbia's series that spanned the early 'talkies' era which apparently starred Bert Lytell as 'Lanyard.'



But mostly, would love an opportunity to see any and all of the 30's-40's run, particularly the remaining Warren William ones (The Lone Wolf Keeps A Date, Secrets of The Lone Wolf, Counter-Espionage, One Dangerous Night and Passport To Suez):



And the first one of that period (The Lone Wolf Returns) which stars Melvyn Douglas as the role. Here's a link to get to a great image (too large to post) from that one: http://www.doctormacro.com/Movie%20Star%20Pages/Douglas,%20Melvyn.htm


And don't let's forget the one after Douglas and before William - The Lone Wolf In Paris, the only outing with Francis Lederer as the character:



And then there's the four films featuring the two other Michael Lanyard's:

~ The Notorious Lone Wolf / The Lone Wolf In London / The Lone Wolf In Mexico

Gerald Mohr:



~ The Lone Wolf And His Lady

Ron Randall:



Maybe someone could do up one of those petitions again?


Although the success of the first one has yet to be seen. 823.gif





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The petitions work?!! Wow...


Hold on... let me run outside and put out the fires under the tar pit. I'll put all the feathers back into the pillows later on...


I was thinking of a different motivation than petitions.

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Sadly, some of these things take time.. could be any number of reasons, from getting the rights to the need for a good print for a video master... or the need for restoration work.


Hopefully we'll be seeing some more Lone Wolf movies sometime in the near future! :)

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