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What do you watch other than TCM?

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Bridge and Tunnel? I love it, I've never heard that before.


Growing up in Westchester, I'm a faux New Yawker, but having worked there for many years and having driven both the West Side Highway and FDR (couldn't bear the train and subways), I think I earned my stripes!


Not sure which movie was on with Gleason, Bronxgirl48. I don't have TCM anymore. However, any older movie with Gleason made me embarrassed for him.


I recently saw a number of episodes of That Girl! on TV Land and hoooo boy did that show not stand up to scrutiny. It was nice seeing Ted again and a shame to find out that he has died.

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Things I watch other than TCM...hmm, that's a short list.



1) Kim Possible


2) The Sopranos


3) The Dick Van Dyke Show (on DVD)


4) Classic Arts Showcase (the "classical MTV" network)



I'm not sure if there's any kind of a pattern there, except...no commercials.

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Hi Jack:


Oddly, although economics is usually what I mean, this time I meant access. I love the quiet and serenity of the suburb I live in, but being so far from the hubbub of Chi town nite life and culture, is the only drawback. There are tons of free of charge exhibits and things, but it takes a car to get to the train, help on and off the train, a cab or bus to whatever exhibit, etc. and reverse to get home. Needless to say, by the time I get where I'm going, I'm already exhausted.


Driving downtown is atrocious, and parking fees are worse. Would you believe $38.00 to visit my granddaughter for 6 hours because we failed to get the ticket validated? Even with validation it would have been $19.00. There's no such thing as free parking in Chicago. Even though the exhibits may be free, there's still the charge for a wheelchair, and you have to eat, etc.


There's one reason I love Las Vegas so much, no elevators or stairways, at least very few, mostly only to get up and down from the rooms. When I was there most buildings were only one or two stories, can't imagine what's happened since I left.



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W!estchester, eh? You're not a New Yawker, you're a New Yahker! Where exactly in Westchester. My aunt and uncle lived in Yonkers. I loved going there to visit. (I don't even remember if that was Westchester or White Plains....)


Yeah, I was watching the That Girl marathon. ("Oh, Donald!") The guy who played her father was actually very funny. And Marlo, so cute with that flippy hair and that squeaky voice and that incredible wardrobe for such a struggling actress.

A time capsule for the 60's...


The Gleason film was "Don't Drink the Water". That phrase "bridge and tunnel"

seemed to have died out over twenty years ago, yet I've never forgotten it.

Some bridge and tunnel films would be any of those Alan Alda-Carol Burnett things, or movies like "Same Time, Next Year", you know, those Broadway-ish things your parents loved...


So you left Westchester to move to the Bronx? I hear parts of the Bronx are gentrifying, which I guess is pretty darned good. I've always loathed the Starbuckization of the planet, but frankly speaking, if I saw a Starbucks near Fordham Road I'd cheer, political correctness be damned!

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Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but currently I'm watching the NCAA basketball tournament instead of TCM. Of course, right now, I'm working on restarting my heart after the close call for the Ohio State Buckeyes today. :0


The other days of the week, I have to give up the TV to the non-basketball fans in the house, but I can live with that. Come Easter, I'll be right back to watching the classics.



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I saw THE BITTER TEA OF GENERAL YEN years ago at a revival theatre in N.Y. I don't remember the whole, but parts of it stuck, like the speech Walter Connelly gives Stanwyck about Nils Asther, something about remembering the general and how the wind blowing through her hair would remind her of him, and cherry blossoms, something like that. Very poetic...


I would really love it shown on TCM.


That and KNIGHT WITHOUT ARMOUR would make the perfect "double bill" for me in June.

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Bronxgirl48, I grew up in New Rochelle, which is a now a shadow of its former self, and moved to White Plains.


Went to college in da Bronx, Lehman to be precise, and then Queens College, and only worked in New Yahk.


I know, wasn't her apartment and wardrobe incredible. First apartment and she had a doorman!


Ah, now I know the films you mean, like Sandy Dennis and Jack Lemmon in The Out Of Towners.

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You got it: re: bridge and tunnel!


New Rochelle, ah! Wasn't that where Rob and Laura Petrie "lived"?


I wish I had gone to Hunter College; instead, hightailed it to California, which in

retrospect wasn't the thing for me to do at that time, but, I guess we can't relive

the past. (unless we get into The Time Machine)


Yonkers when I visited my aunt and uncle there was a world away from the Bronx

to me; lots of greenery (well, where my relatives lived) and I really did enjoy the

town-and-country, suburban feel to it. (guess there's a bit of bridge and tunnel

in me, I have to admit; god, how ghastly...)


I'm leafing through my copy of "Down East" (the "magazine of Maine") and think

how neat it would be to retire to New England. Get a little place with a fireplace

and a nice library for all my books. Get a golden retreiver. Models of ships and

other nautical stuff. Celebrate the holidays with crisp cold weather....


Along those lines, ever see "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House?" In one

scene, as Cary Grant is exasperated over the way the plans for the house in

Connecticut are going, he says to wife Myrna Loy, "And what about the people

who can't afford $15,000 a year?" (his salary iin 1948 as an ad exec) I'm looking

at the real estate section of "Down East". Three bedrooms in Blue Hill. A mill


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the westerns channell



sundance channell




that is about it.... I use to watch adult swim on the cartoon network, the history channell and the military channell. But lately all I have been watching is what I mentioned above.

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