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Eve- that is one of the most interesting comparisions I've seen on this thread.




I'm going with *Patricia Collinge* , with hesitation. Her role was bigger. I've always thought she overacted in 1 or 2 scenes in *Shadow Of A Doubt* but overall was very touching. I thought Marion Lorne was great as a lunatic. As sweet as the Patricia Collinge character was,I've always felt that she was useless as a mother to Therea Wright's character, I mean in terms of helping her in her dangerous situation.As far as Bruno's mother goes, obviously Marion Lorne's character was nuts.


*Tippy Hedren* in *The Birds* OR *Tippy* in *Marnie*

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I like *Tippi* better in *The Birds* - I mostly like *Marnie* for Sean Connery...


Lavendar, don't you find Hitchcock's secondary characters fascinating? I agree that the mother Collinge portrayed in *Shadow* was inept as far as being much help to her daughter in danger. Completely oblivious! But I'm sure that's what The Master was after. And Marion Lorne is fairly (and perfectly) grotesque as Bruno's crazy mother in *Strangers*. I love the character actors Hitchcock used - a long, long list I won't include in this single post - but maybe...


Hume Cronyn or Henry Travers in *Shadow of a Doubt*

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Roz was great in *The Women*, but so was everyone else! In *Auntie Mame* she does the star-turn of a lifetime. I adore *Auntie Mame* and as an auntie myself have tried to give my boys just a bit of that Mame joie de vivre ("life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death" - indeed)


This might surprise, but I prefer Ms. H in *Holiday*


Irene Dunne in *The Awful Truth* or *My Favorite Wife*

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This might surprise, but I prefer Ms. H in Holiday


EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! ME TOO!!!!!!! I love the whole concept of Cary Grant's idea of making his money and enjoying it while he's young rather than when he's old. And that Kate is the only one who gets it!


My Favorite Wife


Michael McKean in This is Spinal Tap or Best in Show?

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