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Sometimes I want to keep a P/M for reference later, but how do you do this? I've clicked on manage folders but it only give a choice of making a new one. When I click on move to, it only give options to inbox, or msg. sent, and mark as, is read or unread.


Is there a way to keep P/M's other than leaving them in your inbox, or sent list?



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Hi Anne and SueSue,


I just tried to do what you wanted to do and had no problem.


First I clicked on Manage Folders, then created a new folder titled "Saved PMs" and after checking the box at the end of the desired message, moved to the bottom to Move To, dropped down the arrow to see the choice of location and clicked on the proper folder. Worked just fine.



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One way that I've found to organize my received PMs that I'd like to save is to use the "Manage Folders" hyperlink to create a folder, say, with a person's name or with a topic name. Then, when that particular person sends me a message that I'd like to keep, I click on the box in the far right of the screen next to a message that I've received to fill it in with a checkmark. Then, going to the "Move To" button on the bottom of the Inbox, I click there and the drop-down list of folders will appear, after which I choose the appropriate folder to store the message.


Of course, if you prefer not to create any new folders, you can save received PMs as I've described above by checking next to the message as above, and choosing the Archive folder from your drop-down menu under "Move to". Archive storage is handy since it keeps items accessible but doesn't fill up your folders to capacity.


I hope that's helpful to you Anne and SueSue. Please let me know if I can help further. Oops, just realized that CharlieT probably already answered your query while I was writing my attempt at a reply


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I probably get the Techno-Challenged Award here, but I just NOW realized I had seven "private messages" waiting for me going back several months? No offense to anyone, but who has time to follow all these threads and *also* read private messages??? When a *certain poster* here always encourages everyone to e-mail privately, I'm like uh, no thank you! There's enough fisty-cuffs right out here in public... So apologies to all who wrote me, but I'm sticking with the boards...

After all, there's nothing I wouldn't say to someone's "face" v. behind the back???

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