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"One Touch of Venus"

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This is sort of comedy fantasy with some music, but I wouldn't classify it as a musical. Would love TCM to run it.


I adore it; charming little film with gorgeous Ava as the goddess, Tom Conway as Mr. Savory, head of the department store, Robert Walker as Eddie Hatch who becomes smitten with Venus, with my favorite performance here being Eve Arden as Savory's assistant Molly.


Does anyone else like it?

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I agree, and she's quite charming as Venus. In one scene, she's being an obstinate little goddess, and is making trouble for Robert Walker by insisting she wants noodle soup over any other kind.

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Cinemascope, here's where you and I, FINALLY, are mui sympatico, like two straws in the same chocolate soda!

Ava Gardner, besides being the original "cool breeze" where scripts & cameras were concerned, is just so F - I - N - E to look at, she absolutely makes my Pants Dance!

And I don't mean as in the Blue Danube Waltz, neither!

Ummm, that is, beggin' your pardon, to everybody else in the Virtual Room, here, not wantin' to sound rude at all, as it were.

(Backs swiftly towards door, cap in hand.)

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