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Ok I saw a movie at the drive in in the 1970's I THINK was called The Farmer, I think it was Lee Marvin and he was a hired killer back from the war and it had a black man in it he nicked named Shirley Temple and he was supposed to kill him in the end but wouldn't I think he then retired to be a farmer. I cannot find a thing anywhere on this pls help !! Thx

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Are you certain about Lee Marvin?


There is a film titled The Farmer aka Blazing Revenge that was released in 1977, but it starred Gary Conway as a character named Kyle Martin who was a Silver Star winning soldier back from WWII.


An extremely graphic exploitation film that narrowly missed an X rating for violence, which one might expect to see at a drive in.



If that sounds possible, check the IMDb: http:// http://imdb.com/title/tt0072975/

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Now that this has been answered for you 3 different times, on 3 separate threads with three different subject titles, on 2 different forums, how about posting in on some of our very interesting topics of discussion, maybe even introduce yourself to the community?

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Hey, CVC!

Welcome to the Boards!

No big deal about the "double-posting", that happens to everybody at some time, especially when you're new on the Boards.

It's just much more typical, and more generally acceptable, to post one new thread under one subject title, on one forum, in order to introduce a new topic, particularly on the "Information, Please" forum, where you're looking to get a question answered, as so many of us started out doing here, and often still do.

You see, by posting the same exact question on 3 new threads, with 3 different subject titles, on 2 different forums, you netted a result of 3 different groups of messengers working to produce the same answer for you, with the same facts, in 3 different places.

It just all struck me as an unnecessary duplication of time & energy by you, & from them.

Like I said, no big deal, just something you might want to think about.

And again, welcome!



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gotcha ! Have you seen this movie The Farmer ? I think I amy be mistaking the nicknamed guy as a guy in the Lee Marvin movie Death Hunt not sure. Did the movie The Farmer start out on a train ride ? Thanks again what a great site !

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From a user review of The Farmer in the IMDb: " . . . The film starts with the lead, Kiel Martin (Gary Conway) in a train, and how he gets beat up and kicked off a train for helping a black soldier buy a drink . . ."

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