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Don't you just love watching a Technicolor film from the 30s, 40s and 50s? The colors are so beautiful, so bright, so stunning, and so realistic! I hate the colors used in most films today, especially the awful washed-out, drained, muted, boring and desaturated colors that directors like Steven Spielberg use in films like Minority Report (the whole thing is bathed in blue; there's no color anywhere). Please tell what you're favorite Technicolor films are. My personal favorites are: Leave Her to Heaven, Meet Me in St. Louis, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Wizard of Oz, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, and, of course, Gone With the Wind (I have a film book from the 70s that says that the horrible 1967 70mm blowup was "enhanced" color...HA!)

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"Leave Her to Heaven" is a favorite of mine too. I saw it in a theater once, and the color was brilliant. It's like another star of the film. Another one is "Meet Me in St. Louis" - the color in that is great. And "Moon Over Miami" always stood out to me. I read somewhere that "The Red Shoes" is considered to be the best Technicolor film ever made. I never saw it, but the color is supposed to be unbelievable. Unfortunately, the fact that Technicolor is so unreal is why many people don't like it. I've had people tell me that they hate the old Technicolor films because it doesn't look "realistic" like most of today's films. Most of today's films look like they were filmed in the dark. Give me the old Technicolor films anyday.

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I just watched the first outdoor Technicolor film, "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine", and I was astonished. I know it was made in 1936, but it looked like it could have been made in 1976! I recently got an 80s video copy of "A Star is Born" (1937 original), and the color was so bad that it looked like it was in two-strip. Isn't this because the film is in the public domain?

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