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Do you think we will eventually see a spinoff(s) of TCM in the future????

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Don't forget that TCM itself started off in 1994 as a spinoff channel -- from the classic movie programming on its sister station, TNT. On that basis, are we likely to see a spinoff of a spinoff? I doubt it.


Any successful TV station assumes a large audience to serve, a large budget to support it (usually raised through advertising), and a large programming menu to fill the schedule. A TV station running 24 hours a day is a modern Moloch when you consider the programming that has to fill it and keep an audience satisfied at the same time.


While there's definitely an audience for a classic movie station like TCM, resources are finite. There are only so many classic films available, for various reasons. About 50 percent of all films made before 1950 are lost beyond recovery. With films before 1930, the figure rises to 80 percent. And only 10-15 percent of films made before 1920 are known to exist. That's still a large number of films, but the number doesn't seem that large when you actually sit down and plan a programming week or month.


TCM owns a core library of about 3,500 features, but about 400 to 500 of those features cannot be shown for various reasons -- legal issues, rating problems, lack of good pre-production materials, etc. In fact, some of them exist only as titles on an inventory sheet, but should these films turn up, TCM would have the rights to ownership.


Consider also that TCM shows 360-380 feature films every month. If they showed every available movie in their library once, that's only 9-10 months of programming. As anybody who reads these boards knows, people have two basic complaints -- either they don't see the movies they want to see, or they see the same movies over and over. With the situation described above, a TCM spinoff would practically guarantee a steady diet of the latter. Isn't that what is already happening on the Fox Movie Channel?


I like the steady diet of the MGM, WB, and RKO classics that we get on TCM, along with the surprise supplements from the Universal, Columbia, Paramount, and various other film libraries. They show enough of my numerous requests to keep me happy, and occasionally a film I didn't know I wanted to see. It's a good mix, and never boring. Breaking it up in any way is an invitation to disaster.

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I don't mean to be argumentive but isn't the UK, France and Spanish versions of TCM spinoffs? Here is another question: Would the cable channels like Comcast, Time-Life Warner, consider carrying the TCM-UK channel if it were made available to them?

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In that day of the future when one has the opportunity to go to a list of every film ever made and pick one for a night's viewing,>>




Will that day of every film still in existence (thanks coffedan for pointing out that not every film ever made still exists) being available for download be a reality in our lifetime?


Given how much the Home Entertainment Divisions of studios like Warners Bros and Fox have to fight to keep their classic film restoration/preservation/transfer budgets intact or increased, I wonder how quickly that scenario will be come reality.


I have no doubt that the day will come but I don't know that it will happen in my lifetime and I still have a lot of years left to enjoy classic films.

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