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I like George Murphy better - I enjoy all Powell's movies but he's just so corny looking. I always get the feeling he's being operated by a ventriloquist. George is very handsome and I don't consider his acting to be as affected.


Old enough to like the Grateful Dead -

Young enough to have NOT been at Woodstock.

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Ink well ! Now that is cool ! I too had the pen cartridges in the fountain pen like Stoneyb....and the 3-ring notebook with the blue cloth cover. Truman had just become US President when I was born ... how about you ?

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Yes, the plastic ink cartridges were the latest and greatest! They replaced having to fill the pen. Still, I remember the HUGE ink blots on my papers. Ugh.


I Like Ike was the man when my mother brought me home and said: someday, this little baby is going to be a real noodge on a movie message board!

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I think George was cuter, and a better singer/dancer Loved him in For Me and My Gal, and Little Nellie Kelly.


Old enough to walk to and from school alone, sell Girl Scout cookies after dark, and hearing the operator say "Number Please".



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I don't think Dick did much dancin' at all... that's sort of the point of the song Ruby Keeler sings to him in Colleen:


If you wanna win my heart

Don't be too intelligent or smart

Don't go in for literature or art

But you've gotta know how to dance...


George Murphy was quite a good dancer, and he could sing, too. I like the way he sings "Between You and Me" in Broadway Melody of 1940.


I like Dick Powell's singing, especially in the early Berkeley extravaganzas ("I'm young and healthy...").


And he made a great tough private eye!

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ANNE, I also walked miles to school alone in freezing temps and blizzards(as in the stories I tell my child ... hahaha). But I think maybe I was not yet old enough to use the telephone when they were asking "numbah plee-uhzz" .... do you have any idea when direct dialing a telephone came into being ?

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> there's a thread just for us oldies but goodies.


When I searched for an image of those old desk I learned that they are now referred to as Victorian school desks. I'm not THAT old!


But I spent the first couple of years in a one-room country school house, and the facilities were nothing if not primitive.


When we moved into the city, I went from have 37 school mates to having approximately 1,200.

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