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The Dream Donald Trump MOW

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So, who is in this MOW about Donald Trump's move for the White House and thereafter?  You can pick anyone from history.  I'l start with Arnold Stang as Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.



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How about James Cromwell as Special Prosecutor Robert Meuller ...


James Cromwell was a fantastic Prince Phillip in The Queen.



However, Steve Bannon won't be hard to cast because you could select almost any tragic, alcoholic derelict on the street to resemble him.

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Barry Pepper has a cameo as Trey Gowdy


Come on now. When you got a great actor like James Woods who looks just like this character and also happens to be the number one ***- licking actor supporting Trump-- in all fairness Jon Voight's #2--


that paranoid crazy Woods owns this role.


Anyway, Woods desperately needs work because he does nothing all day long except hanging out on his Twitter account insulting people.


Also, think, if he gets some work maybe he'll give the darker side of Twitter a break.


Coming soon Chapter 2 of great actors gone bad-- Jon Voight


In Chapter 3 - - Clint Eastwood, mediocre TV actor, laconic movie star goes bad, and looks worse talking to an empty chair

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I don't know, Tres Gouty can have such outbursts of almost

manic craziness that I'm not sure that even a total nutter

like Woods could give a realistic portrayal of him.

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