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Have trouble sleeping? Watch "Elephant Walk"

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This used to run constantly many years ago in New York, and I must admit that however snooze inducing it is, I always watch it. I don't know why. Liz has been better, Finch has been better, Andrews has been better.


It's a tossup which film wastes the talent more: "The Rains of Ranchipur" (Richard Burton as a virginal Hindu doctor, if you can believe it) or this.


Even the stampeding elephants look tired.

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Probably the same ones from "Gunga Din" too.


I understand Vivien Leigh had to bow out of the role due to illness and Taylor took her place. Think the script would have sunk Leigh as well, although we'll never know.

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zzzzzzz...oh, it's over, good.......


It's also like a Punjab version of "Rebecca". "Last night I dreamt of Tom Wylie's plantation. But we can never go back to Tom Wylie's plantation, because of all the damn elephants".


Wasn't Dana Andrews fatally miscast? That stolid demeanor works well in the noirs, but not in a "Had I But Known" chick flick. I think Cornel Wilde would have worked better, someone with hunkability and a smidgeon of passion.

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I think the Elephant Walk plot was recycled a lot during the 1950s.

For instance, Elephant Walk (1954) versus The Big Country (1958)...


Elephant Walk's Elizabeth Taylor equals The Big Country's Gregory Peck.

Elephant Walk's Peter Finch equals The Big Country's Carrol Baker.

Elephant Walk's painting of Finch's father equals The Big Country's Charles Bickford.

Elephant Walk's Dana Andrews equals The Big Country's Jean Simmons.

Elephant Walk's cholera epidemic equals The Big Country's surface water rights.

Elephant Walk's tea plants equals The Big Country's cattle herds.

Elephant Walk's angry bull elephant equals The Big Country's angry Burl Ives.

Elephant Walk's angry elephant herd equals The Big Country's angry Burl Ives' family/ hired hands.

Elephant Walk's hard to ride staircase equals The Big Country's hard to ride horse.

And so on...


Here's another. Elephant Walk (1954) versus Giant (1956)...


Elephant Walk's Elizabeth Taylor equals Giant's Elizabeth Taylor.

Elephant Walk's Peter Finch equals Giant's Rock Hudson.

Elephant Walk's Dana Andrews equals Giant's James Dean.

Elephant Walk's elephants equals Giant's oil derricks.


Sorry, I'm running out of steam...



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The movie is similar to Garbo's The Painted Veil. Set in the tropics. Torn between her husband and another man. An epidemic. (I think both were cholera too!). It's hard to imagine Leigh in the role as she was so much older than Taylor. I wonder if they had to rewrite the opening scenes? I've read she can be seen in some longshots, but I couldnt tell. (She had one of her nervous collapses during shooting). As bad as the movie is, I watched it again. Glorious technicolor. Beautiful Liz. The elephant stampede is awesome! And the old Indian housekeeper is a hoot! Trying to stop the elephants. Too funny......

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Oh yes, Vivien had a big fling with Peter Finch. He was just as randy as Richard Burton, even more so; in fact, richard was a choir boy compared to Peter.


This movie was nearly the death of Irving Asher, the producer as he had trouble, big time with Vivien and her mental problems and Peter and his 'up and down fly'.....

Asher was married to Laura La Plante, a good friend of mine and I heard all about it.

She never had any use for Peter Finch after this and although not many cared for Laurence Olivier, they were happy to see him dump Vivien. And Peter, the cad, didn't pick her up after the dumping. She was never the same after 1960.



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Actually, I think that ?The Naked Jungle? is a certifiable Classic that should be shown on TCM.


The cast is very good, the story is good, the story is unusual and interesting as it gradually develops over a long period of time. In the meantime, the audience is engrossed in the setting of the jungle plantation and the nature of Eleanor Parker?s trip into the jungle before they realize there is a serious threatening danger about to strike everyone. The steamy heat radiated by Eleanor Parker is fantastic. Ants smants, just looking a Parker ogle Charlton Heston made me (as a teenager) want to rush down to South America and open up a plantation.

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