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Who Would You Like To See Robert Osborne Interview Next?


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I'd forgotten all about Lizabeth Scott. How old is she now? She must be in her 80's I would think............




> -Lizabeth Scott, although she'd never do an interview

> -- she's pretty much been a recluse since the

> Confidential scandal (although she was in "Pulp" in

> the early 70's).

> -Liza Minnelli

> -Jane Withers


> Since Fox Movie Channel owns most of the Shirley

> Temple movies, I wouldn't bet on Shirley

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Hi Hibi,


Yes, Miss Rainer is still with us. She must be around 97 by now and I am told, she still has all her faculties. She lives in London.

She did look frail at both the 70th and 75th Academy Awards, but she managed quite well, I thought.

Next year, is the 80th anniversary; I wonder if she'll make it to those??? Hope so!!



Gene Tierney died many years ago. She was married to one of Hedy Lamarr's old husbands, Howard Lee, who was actually a very nice man and rich too.... Good combination, don't you think???



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Few, sad to say. I doubt they could get Jane Wyman or Shirley Temple, but would love to see Maureen O'Hara or Ann Blyth! O'Brien and Withers were on that Child Stars special, so I doubt he would want to interview them again.......






> Great thread, but who is really still alive out of

> the great classic movie stars?

> I'd love to see interviews with..


> Maureen O'Hara

> Margaret O'Brien

> Jane Wyman

> Ann Blyth

> Shirley Temple

> Jane Withers

> also Gene Tierney, but i am unsure if she is still

> with us???

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I would like to see Richard Widmark, Karl Malden, Kirk Douglas, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Lauren Bacall. I think the older individuals such as Widmark and Malden - who are in their 90's would be a real treat, although I'm sure they never do many interviews and I'm hoping they are in good health. I must say that if Liza Minelli or Barbara Streisand were ever interviewed, I'd be ready to hit my "mute" button on the remote control.

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It would really be wonderful to see some of the really old timers interviewed that are still alive like Luise Rainer, Joan Fontaine, Olivia DeHavilland, Maureen O'Hara, and Anita Page. Whether certain people like them as performers not, those five actresses were truly members of the Hollywood Golden Age.



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