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Favorite to watch again & again?

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since you love Abbot and Costello i'm wondering if you have ever seen Rio Rita


If you have: do you remember the part where Abbot and Costello are counting the "radio apples" because they are hungry and Costello gets confused because he thinks one group has 20 and the other has 22, not 20 and 20 too :P

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no i haven't, the only Danny Kaye movie i've seen is White Christmas. I want to see some of his movies though, haha you'll have to forgive me, i only found out about these "classic movies" last year, i've seen mostly musicals, and dramas with some key actors, but i'm starting to branch out, so who knows I may see a Danny Kaye one really soon, i hear they are very funny !!

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OK, I made the original post and now I'll say what I like to watch over & over. Only one was mentioned in the replies and, quite frankly, I was surprised to see Cinderella Man in this thread at all! I need some action or thrill or laugh, but I need to see a relationship "thing" going, too. So, my worn out movies (not in any particular order):


Last Samurai (violent, but the best friendship movie around)

Captains Courageous (the good, old one)

The Count of Monte Cristo (Jim C...vel, how do you spell it?)

Finding Neverland

(Not so much for Depp-a good actor-, but the precious & good Freddie Hightower)

Cinderella Man

Master and Commander

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Alamo (the newest one..I'm in Texas...I love this one)

...and as mentioned in another thread today:

Harold Lloyd, Marx Brothers & early Laurel & Hardy for laughs

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These are the ones I've seen over and over, and expect to do so again. Anytime one of them is on TV I'll watch, if there is nothing on that interests me, one of these will go in the old VCR. They are not in any special order of which is better liked than the others, the only thing I have trouble with is deciding which to watch out of the 10.


1. People Will Talk

2. Sabrina

3 The Longest Day

4. The Women

5. Casablanca

6 Westward the Women

7. Two Rode Together

8. To Hell and Back

9. The Long Gray Line

10. To Kill a Mockingbird


A few others are any of the big late 40's, 50's, and early 60's musicals

Home from the Hill

The Best Years of our LIves

Mr. Blandings Builds his Dreamhouse

Steel Magnolias



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The films that I've watched the most, would be -


THE SOUND OF MUSIC - for me, the most perfecty made screen musical


VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED - my favorite sci-fi film, ever.


THE BIRDS - my favorite Alfred Hitchcock film, and just about my favorite filme, ever. I can watch it at the drop of a hat.


THE MIRACLE WORKER - the best acting in any film, imo.


GONE WITH THE WIND - if I see the first few minutes, I'm hooked, every time. They may have made a film as good, but none better.


THE MUSIC MAN - the other perfect screen musical. I can't even count how often I've seen it. It's always fresh and funny and gloriously musical.


There are many others; but these are the top choices for films I can watch again and again

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You are very obsessed with me. It's very flattering, but creepy, nonetheless. So, leave me alone and stop responding to my every post. I hate you. I don't want you responding to my posts. You're very disturbed.

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Yeah, that's a good one. I associate that movie with xmas because when I was a little girl in Houston they scheduled that movie during my xmas vacation every year.


GWTW was my Dad's favorite and I loved that one from the beginning because it seemed like it had everything a good movie should have.

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