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You dont often hear much about this movie, and I think that is a shame because the meaning of the movie is soo relevant to today. It is one of my favorite Barbara Stanwyck movie! Gary Cooper is magnificent in this film. Any fans of this movie??? I absolutely cry my eyes out everytime I see it!


"When the metropolitan newspaper The Bulletin is bought by publisher D. B. Norton, he changes its name to The New Bulletin and replaces its motto, "A free press for a free people," with "A streamlined newspaper for a streamlined era." As part of the new streamlining efforts, managing editor Henry Connell fires "sob-sister" columnist Ann Mitchell because she does not produce enough "fireworks" to bring up the paper's circulation. However, Ann resolves to fight for her job by writing a phony letter to her column, claiming to have received it from a man protesting the degenerated state of affairs in the world and announcing his plans to jump from the roof of City Hall at midnight on Christmas Eve. She signs the letter "John Doe," and its publication results in an explosion of public interest in the fictitious man. As a result of the overwhelming interest in her creation, Ann is able to convince Connell that The New Bulletin should continue to print stories about "John Doe" or be forced to admit fraud. Ann is quickly reinstated at the paper, with a thousand dollar bonus, and the search begins for a real person they can use as their John Doe stooge."...


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Capra was good at making us cry, wasn't he? It is a terrific film. You will find discussions on Gary Cooper (see the "Hot Topics" forum.) Stanwyck is a favorite of many as well. (You might search the forums under those names if you're interested.)


Cooper is so right for this part. I can't imagine anyone else playing the part. He's just shy enough (and gullible) to make the character work. It's been a year or two since I've seen it but I don't think the character is a big departure from Longfellow Deeds.


Also, welcome to the boards. Hope you'll have fun.

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Thank you so much for welcoming me! I didnt even know this site exsisted untill Sunday when I was flipping through my tv stations and landed on TCM channel! I was watching Barabbas and the host mentioned the magazine "Now Playing", so I came to the site to look up how to order it and was very pleased and excited to find there is a messagboard on here! I absoultely LOVE old movies. IMO you can not beat their quaility, character and acting. And imagine, they did it all without vulgarity, and cussing lol. I used to watch American Movie Classics, but lately they just dont seem to be showing the old black and whites as much as they did in the past. Anways, I am happy to have found this site ! Thanks again for the welcome.


Yes, Frank indeed had a talent for knowing how to tug at the ol heartstrings! ONe of my favorite directors. Him and John Ford. :)

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