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Original Mighty Mouse cartoons

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I'd like to see these again. They were once a staple of Saturday mornings years ago. In the first few of these cartoons, Mighty wore the red and blue costume much like Superman had (without the emblem) and in fact was originally going to be named Supermouse, but there was already a comic book character called Supermouse, so they changed his name.

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I was in LOVE with Mighty Mouse when I was a little girl . . .



There are 2 Mighty Mouse cartoons that I'm particularly fond of and just want to know if anyone knows which ones I'm referring to . . .



The first one is where Mighty Mouse stops a Volcano from Erupting. This Victory is Celebrated with some fast paced dancing with a female mouse in a 'Sarong' ... and the song played is, "Krakatoa Katie" . . .



The 2nd one there are a pack of Wolves, dressed in Zoot suits, hanging around a boardwalk, Eyeing the bathing beauties lying around the beach . . .



Anyone ??






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Thanks a lot, Waffleslost ...



I was able to locate Mighty Mouse

under *'Krakatoa' 1945* . . .





. . . and the Wolves in Zoot Suits

I located under the heading of *'Mighty Mouse & the Wolf'*

(though somewhat of a 'grainy' copy) . . .

but just as enjoyable as when I used to watch it when I was younger . . .




(the wolves in zoot suits does't begin until 4:25)



Thanks again for your help,





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