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(mostly copied & pasted from the previous challenge)

Path40a created the first TCM Programming Challenge in February, 2006 to give people a glimpse into the complexities of the programming process. The challenge has endured because it allows entrants to exercise their imagination, display their knowledge and introduce rare classics. It also helps give us perspective and appreciation for what the real programmers have to go through.


TCM Programming Challenges are neither sponsored nor endorsed by TCM but “tcmprogrammr” has stated that programmers happily steal ideas from these schedules. Many entrants have had the joy of seeing their themes and movie selections air on TCM. If you want to see a certain movie on TCM, write a schedule. This is the best way to "request a movie". TCM Premieres that I scheduled before they showed up on TCM include A NEW LEAF, CAROUSEL, and WHAT A WAY TO GO, all of which I had to schedule quite a few times. And I know lots of other people have had the same luck.

This challenge opens now and runs through 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) Sunday June 25th. A voting thread will be started shortly after the end of the challenge.

Answer: ANYONE! Everyone is welcome to create and post a schedule. Don’t be shy! It's not as hard as it sounds. It's really fun. Anyone will be allowed to vote for their favorite schedule in a separate voting thread after the challenge is closed. You may either vote by posting your selection on the thread or by directly messaging me. The winner has the honor of running the next challenge.


  • Create a week's schedule which begins at 6 AM (EST) Sunday and ends at 6 AM (EST) the following Sunday. The week selected must be between Jan 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.
  • Each day’s programming should begin at 6 AM (EST.) However, even TCM's schedules don't always start at 6AM --sometimes last night's schedule goes way into the next day, so, really, it's up to you.
  • Primetime/Evening MUST begin at 8 PM (EST.) No exceptions.
  • Feature films must start on the hour, quarter-hour, half-hour or three-quarters hour. Short films or other material can be used to “fill-in” between movies so that there is never more than 14 minutes of unscheduled time between features. Don't feel like you have to write down every "Word of Mouth" or movie trailer that will fill in between, but if there is something special you have in mind, go for it!

Your schedule must include:

  • Star of the Month -- At least four films need to be scheduled featuring a particular individual. Note, that this person must have a large enough body of work that three more nights featuring this person could be scheduled. Sorry, James Dean, that leaves you out.
  • Silent Sunday Night -- A silent movie which begins at approximately 12 AM (EST) Sunday night/Monday morning.
  • TCM Imports -- A foreign language film that begins at approximately 2 AM (EST) Monday morning.
  • TCM Spotlight -- A group of films which showcase a theme which appears in primetime one night for a month. This must be the kind of thing that can be carried over multiple nights (i.e. "Movie Detectives," not "Hitchcock movies set it Northern California starring Tippi Hedrin")
  • The Essentials --- An important classic film that begins at 8 PM (EST) Saturday night.
  • TCM Underground -- A little known or “cult” film which begins at approximately 2 AM (EST) Saturday night.
  • Mandatory Challenges as noted under the "Challenge" section


  • Silent Sunday Night, TCM Imports and TCM Underground are exempt from the limit of premieres stated in the requirements for this challenge.
  • You may include a Guest Programmer but you are not required to do so. Anyone, living or dead, real or fictional, go for it!
  • Programming related to birthdays, anniversaries of historical or cinematic importance, genres, places or anything else that can reasonably be thematically grouped together is encouraged. Thought provoking, humorous and/or outrageous themes are especially welcome.
  • Programming notes to explain your themes or to provide additional information on your selected movies are not required but are greatly encouraged. These notes should be on a separate post following the posting of your schedule.

Follow the standard TCM scheduling format for each film: Time, Title, Year, Actor(s) Director(s) Studio, Running Time and justification.

For example:

6:15 PM TEXAS ACROSS THE RIVER (1966) Dean Martin & Alain Delon, dir Michael Gordon UI 1h41min PREMIERE

Running times and studio information may be found in the TCM database, at IMDB.com, in your Now Playing Guide, or the back of your DVD.


It's also helpful for your potential voters if you put a little summary at the beginning of your challenge like this:

James Cagney's Schedule

Week of June 1st

THE ESSENTIALS: The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (1966)

STAR OF THE MONTH: Alec Guinness

SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS: The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920)

TCM IMPORTS: Ikiru (1952)

TCM UNDERGROUND: Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

TCM SPOTLIGHT: Movies Only Leonard Maltin Likes


  • P/S for movies or programs which have been previously shown on TCM.
  • “Exempt” for Silent Sunday Night, TCM Imports or TCM Underground films.
  • PD or “Public Domain” for films in the public domain.
  • “Premiere” for movies which count toward the Challenge allowance on premieres.

Film library, SOTM, and previous challenge archive links plus other information:
The original Turner library consisted of: Warner Brothers (pre-1948 only,) MGM (pre-1986 only) and RKO (all years.)

Please note that Animated Disney films will ONLY be permitted if you do a "Treasures from the Disney Vault" segment, and can only be used in that segment.

Movies in the original Turner library are:
Warner Brothers (pre-1948 only): www.imdb.com/company/co0026840/
MGM (pre-1986 only): www.imdb.com/company/co0020206/
RKO (all): www.imdb.com/company/co0041421/

Movies in the public domain are: https://archive.org/.../feature_films/

All other theatrical movies are allowed as premieres. The most commonly used libraries are:
Columbia Pictures: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0071509/
United Artists: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0026841/
Samuel Goldwyn: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0016710/
J. Arthur Rank Film Distributors: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0027356/
20th Century Fox: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0000756/
Paramount Pictures: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0023400/
Universal Pictures: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0005073/
British Gaumont Pictures: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0103050/

A link of previous Stars Of The Month can be found here:

Previous Challenges can be reviewed here:

MovieCollectorOH has compiled a pretty trustworthy list: MovieCollectorOH's database

Basically: If it's been on TCM before, you can use it "free". If it's never been on TCM, you have to list it as a premiere.

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Now's the fun part where I make you guys dance. BWA HA HA HA HA!!! Ahem...



Since I basically won the last challege by bringing back Cartoon Alley, I'm forcing my favorite cartoons into all of your schedules. You are requred to schedule at least one classic Goofy cartoon, but not just any cartoon--it must be one of his many instructional cartoons, such as How to Swim, The Olympic Champ, The Art of Self Defense, etc. Unlike regular Disney cartoons, these are narrated documentary style, then Goofy messes them up. These are my favorite types of all Disney toons, and I'd like to see them on TCM.


Here is a complete list of all of Goofy's credits: http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0027852/?ref_=fn_al_ch_1

...though not all of these will work. Not all of Goofy's instructional cartoons are called How To, but many are. If you're new to Goofy, you can ask me if a cartoon counts, or just watch it (they're all on youtube in some form or other and they are awesome). But basically if there's a narrator it's probably the kind I mean.


The challenge part of this is that these cartoons must fit with a theme. Don't just throw The Olympic Champ in there floating in space, group it with CHARIOTS OF FIRE and COOL RUNNINGS in a day of Olympic movies. In addition to any amount of Goofy cartoons, you are allowed 2 premieres with this challenge.



In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, you must do some sort of Star Wars Theme. Schedule a block of at least 4 films relating to Star Wars in some creative way--create a theme based on a Star Wars quote, have a Star Wars character be a guest programmer, pick a Star Wars actor as SOTM, etc. For this challenge you may schedule (not required) one of the movies in the original Star Wars Trilogy (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, or Return of the Jedi--none of the lame prequels!), but not all three because that would be cheating. You may have two free premieres for this challenge, other than the Star Wars movie. (So you can have up to three, in other words: Star Wars plus two others.) For those of you who aren't Star Wars fans, just do a John Williams night.



Your star of the month MUST be someone who has never been a Star of the Month before. If they had been honored in Summer Under the Stars but haven't been Star of the Month, that's all good. This is for the many awesome actors that TCM has never honored but who deserve attention. There are many to choose from. Remember: they have to be feasible SOTM choices with enough movies to fill 4 weeknights over a month, so at least 16 movies (4 movies on 4 seperate nights). That's why Shirley Booth never can be SOTM, alas. One again, two additional premieres may be used in this section. NOTE: This can be combined with the Star Wars challenge, but you don't get to accumulate premieres--two only!


A list of previous SOTMs can be found here: http://forums.tcm.com/index.php?/topic/48413-star-of-the-month-summer-under-the-stars-honorees/


OPTIONAL CHALLENGE: Treasures from the Disney Vault

I am a major Disney Kid, so I'd love to see what you'd pick if you were Leonard Maltin. You can schedule classic Disney animated films in this section only, but try to have a variety of short cartoons, True Life Adventures, live action movies, World of Color episodes, etc. This would be a weeknight block that goes as late as you want. Anything you schedule as a premiere on this night is a free premiere that doesn't count towards your limit of 12. Load up those treasures! NOTE: This CANNOT be combined with the Goofy challenge, however you can schedule Goofy cartoons in both. So if you put HOW TO SWIM and THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE in your Treasures from the Disney Vault section, you must STILL do a separate block of films with a Goofy cartoon, i.e. your Olympics schedule with THE OLYMPIC CHAMP.


Go to, my fellow constituents, and may the force be with you!

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Question about the Goofy Challenge.  Are we required to have more than one Goofy cartoon or can we simply choose one and create our theme around that cartoon?? Sorry if I am being obtuse.  Just want to make sure I am approaching this correctly!





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Is there a list of SOTM's for 2016/2017, because the list included in your link only goes to 2015?



January: Fred MacMurray
March: Merle Oberon
April: Judy Garland 
May: Robert Ryan 
June: Marie Dressler
July: Olivia de Havilland 
September: Gene Hackman
October: Christopher Lee
November: Natalie Wood 
December: Myrna Loy
I am sorry to say that I do not have list for: 2017.
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I also don't get the whole concept of the primetime programming starting exactly at 8:00 pm. Can you be within 15 minutes of that time?

Because that's how TCM does it. If you'll notice, primetime ALWAYS starts exactly at 8pm Eastern Time. Everything else is flexible but that never strays (as far as my memory goes). And since the idea is to imitate one of their schedules, that's why we do it that way.


As to why THEY do it that way, I have no clue. It seems like an arbitrary number, especially since here in LA it starts at 5pm--who on earth knows why corporate decisions come to pass.


Remember if your last movie of the day ends at 7:40 you can throw in a short to make up for the time.

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I'll have to make a 2017 list from my TCM Now Playing Guides


2017 SOTMs so far:

January: Jane Wyman


March: Richard Burton

April: Character actors (since this was basically a SUTS for character actors, feel free to pick one of these as your SOTM, unless it's been done previously of course)

May: Clark Gable

June: Audrey Hepburn

July: Ronald Coleman

August= SUTS

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Great challenge LP! I love the Goofy videos.


I think I have my SOTM picked out.  I'm going to come up with a #2 (and maybe a #3) if my first choice is taken.  Lol. 

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I have my Goofy cartoon chosen and I was going to pick a pretty off-the-wall SOTM (who I have been wanting to do for a long time) anyway so I think I'll be set for that.  I was giving a lot of thought to the Star Wars challenge last night.  That's a tricky one.




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How many premieres are permitted for Challenge #36?  I see that there are some premieres permitted for the specific challenges but apart from that how many do we have? 10? 12? 


Inquiring minds want to know.



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One more important question. Do cartoons and other shorts count as premieres? I know you said the Goofy cartoons don't count as premieres, but what about others included in our schedule? I'm just asking because I'm halfway through my schedule and I'm cutting it close to my 12 premiere limit.

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Good. I thought when you said classic Disney movies you meant ones like Pinocchio and Mary Poppins and the like. I thought that a Disney films released in 1991 might not gel with the usual TCM programming.

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CinemaInternational's Schedule for March 4-10, 2018


SOTM: Gene Tierney

TCM Spotlight: Women of History

Guest Programmer: Rin Tin Tin

Silent Sunday: Bardelys the Magnificent (1926)

TCM Imports: Wild Strawberries (1957) & Smiles of a Summer Night (1955)

The Essentials: Chinatown (1974)



Decade Breakdown:

1920s: 12

1930s: 17

1940s: 22

1950s: 20

1960s: 10

1970s: 5

1980s: 7

1990s: 1

2000s: 1

2010s: 1



1. I Met Him in Paris (1937)

2. Mary Burns, Fugitive (1935)

3. The Light That Failed (1939)

4. Accent on Youth (1935)

5. Crime Without Passion (1934)

6. Private Worlds (1935)

7. Zaza (1939)

8. The Royal Family of Broadway (1930)

9. ....one third of a nation... (1939)

10. High, Wide, and Handsome (1937)

11. My Dog Skip (2000)

12. Madame Sousatzka (1988)


Exempt Premieres:

1. Caprice (1967) [How To Goofy: Skiing]

2. Sun Valley Serenade (1941) [How To Goofy: Skiing]

3. Star Wars (1977) [sci-Fi: An Odyssey Through a Genre]

4. About Time (2013) [sci-Fi: An Odyssey Through a Genre]

5. Rings on Her Fingers (1942) [sOTM: Gene Tierney]

6. That Wonderful Urge (1948) [sOTM:Gene Tierney]

7. Sleeping Beauty (1959) [ Treasures from the Disney Vault: Supernatural: Light and Dark ]

8. The Black Cauldron (1985) [ Treasures from the Disney Vault: Supernatural: Light and Dark ]

9. Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) [ Treasures from the Disney Vault: Supernatural: Light and Dark ]

10. Pinocchio (1940) [ Treasures from the Disney Vault: Supernatural: Light and Dark ]

11. The Watcher in the Woods (1980) [ Treasures from the Disney Vault: Supernatural: Light and Dark ]

12. Return to Oz (1985) [ Treasures from the Disney Vault: Supernatural: Light and Dark ]


Sunday, March 4, 2018


How To Goofy: Skiing


6:00 AM Downhill Racer (1969) Robert Redford & Camilla Sparv D: Michael Richie Paramount 102 min (p/s)

7:45 AM The Pink Panther (1963) David Niven & Peter Sellers D: Blake Edwards UA 113 min (p/s)

9:45 AM Two-Faced Woman (1941) Greta Garbo & Melvyn Douglas D: George Cukor MGM 94 min

11:20 AM Short: How to Ski (1941) Goofy Disney 8 min.

11:30 AM Escape (1940) Norma Shearer & Robert Taylor D: Mervyn LeRoy MGM 104 min.

1:15 PM Caprice (1967) Doris Day & Richard Harris D: Frank Tashlin Fox 98 min. Exempt Premiere #1

3:00 PM Sun Valley Serenade (1941) Sonja Henie & John Payne D:H. Bruce Humberstone Fox 86 min Exempt Premiere #2

4:45 PM Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941) Carole Lombard & Robert Montgomery D: Alfred Hitchcock RKO 95 min

6:30 PM I Met Him in Paris (1937) Claudette Colbert & Melvyn Douglas D: Wesley Ruggles Paramount 86 min. Premiere #1


Silent Sunday: The Sounds of Silence as Directed by King Vidor

8:00 PM The Big Parade (1925) John Gilbert & Renee Adoree D:King Vidor MGM 142 min.

10:30 PM The Crowd (1928) James Murray & Eleanor Boardman D:King Vidor MGM 104 min.

12:30 AM Silent Sunday: Bardelys the Magnificent (1926) John Gilbert & Eleanor Boardman D:King Vidor MGM 91 min.

TCM Imports: Ingmar Bergman Double Feature

2:15 AM Wild Strawberries (1957) Victor Sjostrom & Ingrid Thulin D: Ingmar Bergman Janus Films 90 min (p/s)

4:00 AM Smiles of a Summer Night (1955) Ulla Jacobsson & Eva Dahlbeck D:Ingmar Bergman Janus Films 108 min.


Monday, March 5,2018


Sci-Fi: An Odyssey Through a Genre (Challenge #2)

6:00 AM 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Keir Dullea & the voice of Douglas Rain D:Stanley Kubrick MGM 149 min.

8:30 AM Sleeper (1973) Woody Allen & Diane Keaton D: Woody Allen UA 88 min (p/s)

10:00 AM Forbidden Planet (1956) Walter Pidgeon & Anne Francis D: Fred Wilcox MGM 98 min

11:45 AM Star Wars (1977) Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher D: George Lucas Fox 121 min. Exempt Premiere #3

2:00 PM Back to the Future (1985) Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd D:Robert Zemeckis Universal 116 min (p/s)

4:00 PM The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) Michael Rennie & Patricia Neal D:Robert Wise Fox 92 min (p/s)

5:45 PM About Time (2013) Domhnall Gleeson & Rachel McAdams D: Richard Curtis Universal 124 min. Exempt Premiere #4


Star of the Month: Gene Tierney (In memory of Robert Osbourne; Challenge #3)

8:00 PM Laura (1944) Dana Andrews & Gene Tierney D:Otto Preminger Fox 85 min (p/s)

9:30 PM Leave Her to Heaven (1945) Gene Tierney & Cornel Wilde D:John Stahl Fox 110 min (p/s)

11:30 PM Rings on Her Fingers (1942) Henry Fonda & Gene Tierney D:Rouben Mamouilion Fox 85 min. Exempt Premiere #5

1:00 AM That Wonderful Urge (1948) Tyrone Power & Gene Tierney D: Robert Sinclair Fox 82 min Exempt Premeire #6

2:30 AM Belle Starr (1941) Gene Tierney & Randolph Scott D:Irving Cummings Fox 87 min. (P/s)

3:00 AM The Razor's Edge (1946) Tyrone Power & Gene Tierney D: Edmund Goulding Fox 146 min. (P/s)

5:30 AM MGM Parade 28 min


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Little-Seen Paramount Pictures of the 1930s

6:00 AM Mary Burns, Fugitive (1935) Sylvia Sidney & Melvin Douglas D:William Howard Paramount 84 min. Premiere #2

7:30 AM The Light That Failed (1939) Ronald Colman & Walter Huston D:William Wellman Paramount 97 min. Premiere #3

9:15 AM Accent on Youth (1935) Sylvia Sidney & Herbert Marshall D:Wesley Ruggles Paramount 77 min Premiere #4

10:45 AM Crime Without Passion (1934) Claude Rains & Margo D: Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur Paramount 72 min. Premiere #5

12:00 PM Private Worlds (1935) Claudette Colbert & Charles Boyer D:Gregory La Cava Paramount 84 min. Premeire #6

1:30 PM Zaza (1939) Claudette Colbert & Herbert Marshall D: George Cukor Paramount 83 min Premiere #7

3:00 PM The Royal Family of Broadway (1930) Fredric March & Ina Claire D: George Cukor, Cyril Gardner Paramount 82 min Premiere #8

4:30 PM ...one third of a nation.... (1939) Sylvia Sidney & Leif Erickson D:Dudley Murphy Paramount 79 min Premiere #9

6:00 PM High, Wide, and Handsome (1937) Irene Dunne & Randolph Scott D: Rouben Mamouilion Paramount 112 min. Premiere #10


Treasures from the Disney Vault: Supernatural: Light and Dark

8:00 PM Sleeping Beauty (1959) Voices of Verna Felton & Barbara Luddy D:Clyde Geronimi Disney 75 min Exempt Premiere #7

9:19 PM Short:How to Dance (1953) Goofy Disney 9 min.

9:30 PM The Black Cauldron (1985) Voices of Grant Bardsley & Susan Sheridan D:Ted Berman, Richard Rich Disney 80 min. Exempt Premiere #8

11:00 PM Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) Jason Robards & Jonathan Pryce D:Jack Clayton Disney 94 min. Exempt Premiere #9

12:38 AM Short: How to Be a Sailor (1944) Goofy Disney 7 min.

12:45 AM Pinocchio (1940) Voices of Dickie Jones & Cliff Edwards D: Ben Sharpsteen & Hamilton Luske Disney 88 min. Exempt Premiere #10

2:19 AM Short: How to Play Football (1944) Goofy Disney 8 min.

2:30 AM The Watcher in the Woods (1980) Lynn-Holly Johnson & Bette Davis D: John Hough Disney 84 min. Exempt Premiere #11

4:00 AM Return to Oz (1985) Fairuza Balk & Nicol Williamson D:Walter Murch Disney 110 min. Exempt Premiere #12

5:51 AM Short: The Act of Self Defense (1941) Goofy Disney 9 min.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Time with Librarians

6:00 AM Adventure (1945) Clark Gable & Greer Garson D: Victor Fleming MGM 125 min.

8:15 AM No Man of Her Own (1932) Clark Gable & Carole Lombard D: Wesley Ruggles Paramount 85 min. (p/s)

9:45 AM Foul Play (1978) Goldie Hawn & Chevy Chase D:Colin Higgins Paramount 116 min (p/s)

11:45 AM Desk Set (1957) Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy D: Walter Lang Fox 103 min (p/s)

1:30 PM The Music Man (1962) Robert Preston & Shirley Jones D: Morton Da Costa WB 151 min (p/s)

4:15 PM Goodbye, Columbus (1969) Richard Benjamin & Ali MacGraw D: Larry Peerce Paramount 101 min (p/s)

6:00 PM Good News (1947) June Allyson & Peter Lawford D:Charles Walters MGM 95 min.


Guest Programmer: Rin Tin Tin

8:00 PM Lassie Come Home (1943) Roddy McDowell & Elizabeth Taylor D: Fred Wilcox MGM 88 min

9:45 PM The Thin Man (1934) William Powell & Myrna Loy D:W.S. Van Dyke MGM 94 min.

11:30 PM Fury (1936) Spencer Tracy & Sylvia Sidney D: Fritz Lang MGM 94 min

1:15 AM Deep Valley (1947) Ida Lupino & Dane Clark D: Jean Negulesco WB 104 min.

3:15 AM The Awful Truth (1937) Irene Dunne & Cary Grant D:Leo McCarey Columbia 92 min. (p/s)

5:00 AM My Dog Skip (2000) Frankie Muniz & Kevin Bacon D: Jay Russell WB 95 min Premiere #11


Thursday, March 8, 2018

RKO Goes Noir

6:45 AM On Dangerous Ground (1951) Robert Ryan & Ida Lupino D: Nicholas Ray RKO 82 min.

8:15 AM The Locket (1946) Laraine Day & Brian Aherne D: John Brahm RKO 86 min.

9:45 AM Where Danger Lives (1950) Robert Mitchum & Faith Domergue D: John Farrow RKO 80 min.

11:15 AM The Racket (1951) Robert Mitchum & Robert Ryan D: John Cromwell RKO 88 min.

12:45 PM His Kind of Woman (1951) Robert Mitchum & Jane Russell D:John Farrow RKO 120 min.

2:45 PM The Set-Up (1949) Robert Ryan & Audrey Totter D: Robert Wise RKO 72 min.

4:00 PM The Narrow Margin (1952) Charles McGraw & Marie Windsor D: Richard Fleischer RKO 70 min

5:15 PM Armored Car Robbery (1950) Charles McGraw & Adele Jergins D: Richard Fleischer RKO 68 min.

6:30 PM The Las Vegas Story (1952) Jane Russell & Victor Mature D: Robert Stevenson RKO 88 min.


Owner of a Lonely Heart

8:00 PM All That Heaven Allows (1955) Jane Wyman & Rock Hudson D: Douglas Sirk Universal 89 min (p/s)

9:45 PM Marty (1955) Ernest Borgnine & Betsy Blair D: Delbert Mann UA 91 min (p/s)

11:30 PM Separate Tables (1958) David Niven & Deborah Kerr D: Delbert Mann UA 99 min (p/s)

1:15 AM Rachel, Rachel (1968) Joanne Woodward & Estelle Parsons D: Paul Newman WB 101 min (p/s)

3:00 AM The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) Charles Laughton & Maureen O'Hara D: William Dieterle RKO 115 min

5:00 AM None but the Lonely Heart (1944) Cary Grant & Ethel Barrymore D:Clifford Odets RKO 113 min.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Apple for the Teacher

7:00 AM The Corn is Green (1945) Bette Davis & John Dall D: Irving Rapper WB 114 min.

9:00 AM The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969) Maggie Smith & Pamela Franklin D: Ronald Neame Fox 116 min (p/s)

11:00 AM Mr. Holland's Opus (1995) Richard Dreyfuss & Glenne Headley D:Stephen Herek Hollywood 143 min (p/s)

1:30 PM Madame Sousatzka (1988) Shirley MacLaine & Navin Chowdhry D: John Schlesinger Universal/Cineplex Odeon 123 min Premiere #12

3:45 PM Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939) Robert Donat & Greer Garson D: Sam Wood MGM 114 min.

5:45 PM Up the Down Staircase (1967) Sandy Dennis & Eileen Heckart D: Robert Mulligan WB 124 min. (p/s)


TCM Spotlight: Women of History

8:00 PM Madame Curie (1943) Greer Garson & Walter Pidgeon D: Mervyn Le Roy MGM 124 min

10:15 PM Queen Christina (1933) Greta Garbo & John Gilbert D: Rouben Mamouilian MGM 97 min.

12:00 AM The Story of Adele H. (1975) Isabelle Adjani & Bruce Robinson D:Francois Truffaut New World 97 min (p/s)

1:45 AM Interrupted Melody (1955) Eleanor Parker & Glenn Ford D: Curtis Bernhardt MGM 106 min

3:45 AM Nicholas & Alexandra (1971) Michael Jayston & Janet Suzman D: Franklin Schaffner Columbia 188 min (p/s)


Saturday, March 10, 2018

MGM in the 1920s: The Beginning of a Dream Factory

7:00 AM Seven Chances (1925) Buster Keaton & Ruth Dwyer D: Buster Keaton MGM 56 min.

8:00 AM Sherlock Jr. (1924) Buster Keaton & Kathryn McGuire D: Buster Keaton MGM 45 min.

8:45 AM The Scarlet Letter (1926) Lillian Gish & Lars Hanson D: Victor Stostrom MGM 97 min.

10:30 AM The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927) Ramon Navarro & Norma Shearer D:Ernst Lubitsch MGM 105 min.

12:15 PM He Who Gets Slapped (1924) Lon Chaney & Norma Shearer D: Victor Sjostrom MGM 85 min.

1:45 PM The Wind (1928) Lillian Gish & Lars Hanson D: Victor Sjostrom MGM 88 min.

3:15 PM The Patsy (1928) Marion Davies & Marie Dressler D: King Vidor MGM 77 min.

4:45 PM Lady of the Night (1925) Norma Shearer & Malcolm MacGregor D: Monta Bell MGM 61 min.

6:00 PM Greed (1924) Gibson Gowland & ZaSu Pitts D: Erich Von Stroheim MGM 117 min.


The Essentials (Hosted this week by Illeana Douglas and Sam Spade) : Private Eyes

8:00 PM Chinatown (1974) Jack Nicholson & Faye Dunaway D: Roman Polanski Paramount 131 min. (P/s)

10:15 PM Out of the Past (1947) Robert Mitchum & Jane Greer D: Jacques Tourneur RKO 97 min.

12:00 AM Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) Bob Hoskins & Christopher Lloyd D: Robert Zemeckis Touchstone 104 min (p/s)


TCM Underground: The Modelling World

2:00 AM Valley of the Dolls (1967) Patty Duke & Barbara Parkins D: Mark Robson Fox 123 min. (P/s)

4:15 AM How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) Lauren Bacall & Marilyn Monroe D: Jean Negulesco Fox 95 min (p/s)

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