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Robert Evans & his docu. lovefest of himself!?


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Hope this logs? I have been off this site a couple weeks now. But to Ladym. Drop me a personal line please & to lovethemmovies-(get well soon PLEASE PAL!?) & Antar, I just sent a reply to you & asked a couple trivia bits. But on this subject here. I am essentially reviewing a movie here that was actually released theatrically in 2002 titled "The Kid Stays in the Picture" (*-BOMB rating!) For those whom know Hollywood & It's history, then they know whom former Paramount head honcho Robert Evans-(1930-) Is. I have never seen such a self promoting love-fest as this film, he even narrated the damn thing!!!

My mouth was actually wide open in amazement of this jerk. I knew of Evans & the ego trips,etc-(It's also a personal thing with me in that, it's more than rumored, that it was R. Evans that actually kept my childhood Idol/Hero: Steve McQueen-(1930-80) from even getting an OSCAR nomination for '73's powerful "Papillion!?") When even co-star *Dustin Hoofman-(1937-) watched the dailies of it, he thought McQueen would win the gold altogether. But see, then came into the story Evans wife Ali McGraw! & Of course she left him for Steve at the time & this man could & can hold a grudge!!! & apparently did-(something of which of course his own documentary left-out) But if anybody has seen this thing on cable as yet, or if they saw it at some theaters, let me know PLEASE!? It's amazing that a guy-(A lot of you fans of TCM would likely know Mr. Evans as *Irving G. Thalberg in *Cagney's 1957 bio "Man of a Thousand Faces!") That was at least 1 feather in his cap, he admitted to being a bad actor. Also: "Fiend of the West" What they called "0aters"

But this docu. was obviously not even nominated for Best Docu. OSCAR. It was stunning. Thank You & to the guy on College Pix: "Captains Courageous"/ "Inherit the Wind"-(the latter of which should be seen anyway, as a history lesson) "A Night at the 0pera"/ "It's a Gift"/ "Shane"/ "The Searchers"/ "Vertigo"/ "Manchurian Candidate"/ "Night of the Hunter"/ "How the West Was Won"-(another that covers a lotta' the west & would be great history for kids as well!) It depends on taste? & for you western fans out there, by the way "0pen Range" Is strong medicine!

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Spencer, I watched the documentary "The Kid Stays in the Picture" and found it to be interesting and at times facinating. Although Robert Evans may be full of himself I admired his tough-guy narration as well as his candor. He pulls no punches about the $tudio $y$tem, womanizing, a seamy murder and drugs. He also names "names".

His Admiration for Norma Shearer is refreshing since she chose him for the part as her late husband Irving G. Thalberg in "Man of a Thousand Faces". Not to mention that he eventually ended up with her opulent mansion.

Then there's Robert Evans the producer/studio boss of Paramount Pictures who hit it big with the maudlin "Love Story" starring his sweetie Ali McGraw.

Then came the classic films "The Godfather" parts I and II, "Chinatown" and the underrated "Black Sunday" and "Marathon Man". It was the big time for Mr. Evans.

Eventually falling from grace (a has-been) he is back at Paramount Studios due to a friends appreciation.

If you ask me Robert Evans is a survivor in a town where you usually don't get a second chance.



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I haven't seen the film, but I've got the book and it's a fun read. I remember a few choice bits regarding Steve McQueen.


McQueen and Ali McGraw fell in love while doing a picture together called The Getaway, and of course, as a result, she ended up leaving Mr. Evans. This all happened at a time when Evans was pre-occupied fighting with Coppola over The Godfather production, and was paying very little attention to Ali and domestic life. Ironically, McQueen had wanted Tuesday Weld for his co-star, but Evans had insisted that Ms. McGraw get the part.


Evans does a mea culpa in the book, but certainly spares no dislike for Mr. McQueen either. He seems to take pleasure in telling us that his nickname for McQueen was "macho" and also relates a story involving a private meeting with McQueen and some lawyers and McQueen wanting to take legal custody of Evan's kids. Evans implies that he had something personal on McQueen that forced him to back off.


As far as that Papillon story goes, I hadn't heard about it, but I wouldn't doubt it for a minute. We all have to decide for ourselves whether we would have done the same.

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